Check your listings!

Just found 15 new amenities listed, as usual - no heads up! Amongst them there is Coffee and Hammock…wondering if these are searchable … :rofl:


Jeez. Thanks for the heads-up. Previously we were always asked something like “A Guest has noted your listing as having X - please confirm”.
So now they don’t even ask? Any guest can say “they’ve got a pool” and BOOM it’s in our listing?!

I still get these weird buggy asks. No idea why it patronizingly offers that “some of your guests have said your place has X” when X is already listed as included. Sometimes the redundant question briefly shows up on the app and disappears into magical pixie dust before I can click f#$^ing Yes for the 17th time.

Haven’t yet experienced an amenity I didn’t include automatically showing up though. On rare occasions, guests do think there is an amenity when there isn’t or when I’ve deliberately excluded listing it, but I haven’t seen it automatically included without my approval.

Yep, I get those “guests say you have,” and I don’t care how many guests say I have a kitchen, it’s a kitchenette and so it shall remain.


Not sure why but we have gotten these regularly. We also did not list a few amenities to avoid the “50% off days when amenity is not available” bs clause.

I had listed a mini frig, then the bot asked did I have a refrigerator, so when I said yes, they checked off both of them. Good grief, just got to ignore them.

The growing list of amenities and features opens the door to lots of miscommunication. Somebody who puts milk in the mini fridge and heats up their TV dinner in the microwave mentions “cooking” and then people think that they can use our kitchen. (It’s a home share). Airbnb asks. The examples are endless. The most confusing for us is self-check in. We prefer to greet in person but have self-check in as Plan B. People who don’t really want to interact might filter for self check-in and are then surprised when I open the door to greet them. It’s all part of the ups and downs of being a host.


I don’t have a kitchen for guests, but list the kitchenette with table, chairs, mini-frig, microwave, dishes, utensils, coffee kettle.
So, it’s not listed as a kitchen and no sharing of mine.
The list has gotten ridiculously long. If guests don’t read, why would they make this longer?

Ok - found the infants and children buttons under guest safety(!), toggled them off, but when I did a private page search with 4 adults, 2 children under 12 and 2 children under 2 - my listing still came up!
Every listing had children allowed!
Very unhappy that this so called filter isn’t working
Please check your listings and make sure you have no children under 12 in your house rules.
I have also turned off instant book, because anyone could have.

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you are correct, even though I have a big NO to kids and infants, my listing shows up when I searched for 1A 1C, also 1A, 1C, 1infant… also shows up. They’ve done something, haven’t they? I’m sure that the kid thing was NOT under Guest Safety previously.

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Just checked again and my home is still coming up in infant and child searching

it’s like most of the filters. if you put in “pool” they still show properties without pools, because in my area only 2 of us have pools… so instead of showing that limited result, they include all the others anyway.

Same! I just checked and my listing shows up in searches for either a child or infant staying with an adult, and I don’t allow children in this flat. However, when I do a search for a place where a dog can stay, it doesn’t show up. This is really weird and annoying. Are others who don’t allow children finding the same with their listings?

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I just had a HAB member tell me in the CC that this new change makes sense. !!
to put “children” in with the dangerous items like weapons, cameras, fire alarms and (in my case) dangerous animals. LOL :rofl:
then she tried to tell me she limits her listing to only a certain number of adults.
um, but HOW to you do that? that is impossible!
so sadly, i had to school her and shared some screenshots with my own listing, where I have max 2 adults, and kids are dangerous items that are not allowed!’
and still, i show up in the #1 spot in search if I put 2 A 1infant.

I’ll probably be banned from the CC tomorrow. rip me.
i’d ask you to like the post, but you might get banned too. even though we can no long see who likes a post, i’m sure the mods can.


That site is so confusing, I wouldn’t know where you’ve posted. Seriously, the site makes no sense.

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What’s the CC forum? I would be happy to go like your post anywhere it is!

Right now I am extremely, extremely grumpy with Airbnb. I had set a New Year’s Eve price and saved the changes and then shortly after that, the website glitched; this was about 11pm Sydney time (did anyone else notice the Airbnb website going down for a couple of minutes? – I know it wasn’t my internet because other websites were working at the same time). I kept refreshing and when the website started working again, I saw I had a booking over the New Year’s holiday, but the price looked really low. When I looked into the price breakdown, the prices for New Year’s Eve and the day before it were $130 LESS than all the days around it.

For those two days, somehow Airbnb had reverted to my November pricing. The loss to me was about $500. Airbnb support just read from a script and made contradictory claims about what kinds of online activity they could and could not see. They refused to cancel the reservation and said that if I cancelled it, I would pay a penalty and have the days blocked off on my calendar. (In retrospect, perhaps I should have just chosen that option since I could have made double the overall price for that week – even my NYE pricing was one of the less expensive options in my area.)

As I said to the customer service representative last night, Airbnb’s IT people would have a log of every action I have made on the Airbnb site, yet the CS person kept claiming that I had to have proof, even though that’s not possible unless I have screenshotted every single action I make on the Airbnb website.

Lesson learned: I will now screenshot Every. Single. Thing. I. Do. on the damn website.

I have heard this before on this forum, where hosts have complained that the Airbnb calendar is glitchy and sometimes reverts to previous prices, but clearly I hadn’t taken those warnings seriously enough.

SO GRUMPY with Airbnb now.


yes, as per any ABB “upgrade” they took away some features and made some changes, and one of them is the ordering of topics and replies, and it makes no sense.

the community centre on abb, their forums, heavily moderated, censorship and even banning of decent people is the norm! i’m sure i’m on the list as i’ve had 3 messages this past week. no official warnings but then again, ABB makes up definitions for terms so for all I know I have been warned.

the only benefit of being there is sometimes the mods step in and help people out…

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I never got any “official” warnings before I was banned, I don’t think Andrew or Ute did, either.

Andrew said he had not received any official warnings. But Stephanie claimed that he had, and then she closed the thread and shut down any further convo.

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Here we go again.
Just found smart pricing turned on for my listings.
This is a feature I have never set up and the discounts were very steep!

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