Check your Airbnb check in/out times

Ok, the children are playing with the digital Lego again, our check in time for both apartments was set to “flexible-flexible” and a number of other booking settings either changed or set to default values.

Irritatingly, it is only allowing changes to be made via the App, the main site is greying options out.

This might be geo specific, but then it might not.




The check-in time has been changing to flexible for me since February. However, it seems to have stopped doing that in the last couple of weeks. Some kind of rolling glitch I suppose.

What I did to ameliorate it was to put my check-in and check-out times in my house rules.


Yes this has been complained about several times. When I’ve checked mine they haven’t changed. I set mine on the webpage using chrome if that matters.

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That’s how I set mine too. Oh well, guess I’m just lucky, lol.

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Curiously, I do too. Use Chrome on the web site that is.


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I have not had this issue since I set up the API with my channel manager (owner res) . Before that they seemed to be changing weekly.


I only use chrome to edit anything, yet last year my check in/out times were being set by gremlins.

As John succinctly puts it, feckers.

So apparently that doesn’t matter. Maybe having one listing is the magic trick.

Got the same setup, and I can see the data the CM sends to Airbnb, with the correct times.