Check this out - am I on instant book or not

I’ve noticed a few times that I’ll see my listing with no instant book symbol.

UPDATE: PROBLEM SOLVED: Thank you. I had checked ‘government ID required’ to IB. Since I wasn’t signed in, and air didn’t know who I was, they wouldn’t let me IB.


I was just looking for my listing to send it as a link and hadn’t signed on. I couldn’t find my listing - and it turns out I had a filter to look for only instant book properties.

So I turned that filter off, and there was my listing. When I pulled it up it said ‘request to book’, not instant book.

Now here’s the funny thing -when I signed-on, it came up as instant book. When I signed-off, instant book went off.

Other properties were coming up as instant book when I was signed off. What happens when YOU look at my listing??

It’s shows IB. I think it has to do with Air recognizing your computer, maybe?

then I’m not sure why the listing changes to IB when I sign on… ??

Instant Book definitely - agree with @J_Wang re recognition of your computer/IP address?

It’s a quirk. I’ve noticed changes I make to my listing don’t always show up or page view numbers. Try emptying your cache.

Incidentally, your place is wonderful! And it also makes me think I’m not asking enough for mine :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Robert_Dudley - I really don’t understand this. Other IB properties in my neighborhood show up as IB.

Oh, thanks! I’ve just increased the price; I’ll let you know if I get it.

I see Instant Book. I don’t know if it makes any difference but I’m logged in.

So weird!! I’d call airbnb about this but don’t have much confidence that the front-line person will be able to help me! I think they are going to look and say ‘yes, you are on instant book’.

I’ve been on IB since almost the beginning.

forehead slap :flushed:

I had checked that only guests having submitted a government ID could IB - so therefore, I won’t come up at IB until someone signs in.

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you will absolutely get the price. You are way too cheap for what you offer.

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You come up instant book for me

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Instant book for me.

Yes, I see the IB lightning mark. Perhaps it’s a glitch, as Airbnb’a site is known to be prone to certain glitches.