Check Out My Newest 'Saved Message' :(

I’m going to sound like a broken record to some, but my calendar was ONCE AGAIN altered without my knowledge. I have read past posts about hosts with dates blocked, and this morning, I had two-weeks of previously blocked dates magically opened up, unbeknownst to me until I got a booking.

So now, I have a new “Saved Message” for guests - Anyone else? I am left feeling embarrassed with my tail between my legs… This must be fixed!


_Thank you so much for your inquiry and kind feedback on our home. _

Unfortunately, I can not confirm your reservation at this time, as we have yet to set our calendar past {INSERT DATE}. It seems Airbnb released a random stretch of dates in {MONTH} that does not accurately reflect our availability or rates. Sadly, this happens far too often when Airbnb does software updates.

We would certainly love to host you, but I am unable to confirm any {MONTH} reservations at this time. I can keep you posted as our schedule firms up, if you’d like.

I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience!


I’ve had problems with blocked dates magically opening up, thankfully it appears to have rectified itself this year. No idea what caused it.
This years hiccup is a 3 night minimum stay which drops to 2 nights, it started when the new dashboard was suddenly thrust upon me.
I think its someone in programming having a laugh at our expense.

I had the whole of July blocked off and it opened with a booking. I could host but just wanted some time for the family. Ring airbnb as they can see what amendments you make to your calendar. I had issues at the beginning with using the app on my phone but airbnb advised me to use a laptop to make changes, I did close off July on my laptop but it’s not a major issue for me.

I took advice from here and changed the prices on dates i wanted blocked to $5,000. Good thing I did as Airnb unblocked them.

Sadly this has happened to me once and it’s stressful!! I was halfway around the world in Maldives on holidays past December and blocked off the entire month I was going to be away. Somehow a booking sneaked in and random calendar days had opened up. I had to provide Airbnb with proof of my travel after which they cancelled the booking with no penalty. Now I take screenshots (with time stamps) of months with blocked days as record of proof.

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Yep I’ve had dates unnbloxk but they weren’t booked because of the price I’d set on them. One day I was looking at the calendar and wondering how come a weekend was free so looked closer and realised it was a weekend I had plans - and that I’d priced it at £1,000. Proof the system works.