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TLDR: I have never needed a standardized check out message before since I just talk with my guests. We have two guests who are suppose to check out this morning. I will be out of the house until 8:30 - leaving shortly. Thinking of messaging them when I get back.

If they are still here at that time, I want to message them with a reminder that check out is 11:00. Anyone have an example of simple, yet friendly check out message?

More info:

I have never needed a standardized check out message before (in 6 years!) since I just talk with my guests. The current guests barely speak English. I do not speak their language. We have been doing a lot of nodding and smiling. They have spent most of every day in their room since (from what I can gather) they are here to fix some machinery and the part never arrived. I asked yesterday if the part came in and they said “no.” I asked what they were going to do and they said “We wait.” and went into their room and shut the door.

I don’t have another guest until Friday so if they want to stay a couple extra nights it could work but, obviously, they need to go though the app and request to stay. I don’t expect problems with the room or bathroom as they have been great at cleaning the kitchen after using it. They even take out the kitchen trash.

Does Airbnb send a check-out notice? I’ve been a guest but can’t recall if we have ever gotten one. If they do I may not need to send one of my own…suggestions on, simple, but straightforward wording? Thanks!

Good morning and Thanks for staying with us and being great guests:) Just a reminder that checkout is 10:00 and housekeeping is scheduled. The driveway gate will be open just leave the key/remote on table inside when you leave. I will review you this afternoon when I get the email from AirBnb if you could take a moment and do the same that would be great. Thanks again and we look forward to having you back in the future:).


You could use a translation app to send it in their own language. And let them know that they could extend and stay until Friday, if they need to.

I think guests should be reminded of check out time the afternoon before, not morning of. This gives them planning time, in case they aren’t the types to be packed up and out on time. Also for the occasions when guests are confused about their check-out day, thinking they have one more night, which does sometimes happen.

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“We hope your stay was magical. I can come say bye if you like. _Or if I can’t say I’d like to but can’t. Please tidy the kitchen and put wet towels on the patio. Happy travels!”


Yeah, I should have done it yesterday. I have the translation app on and they messaged several times before arrival so that should be ok.

I sent a version of the above and hope they are not surprised.

I have all of my canned messages saved as keyboard shortcuts on my Iphone as well, so I just need to type a few letters and it auto fills. My shortcut for checkout message is G T F O !



Do you usually remind your guests of checkout time? I’ve never reminded anyone of checkout time.

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Sometimes I do remind them. Most times I offer 2 hours late checkout if no one is coming that day, or a reminder the day before about 11am checkout.

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Sometimes I contact them to let them know they can take their time and check out late if they’d like but otherwise, I wait until they leave and send them a happy travels type message. I’ve not had any trouble with guests checking out late or forgetting what time checkout is or anything. However, one time someone thought they had booked 2-days instead of one but it worked out.

No, I don’t, not as a reminder, because I homeshare. And because I have one day prep time between bookings, so my check-out time is 4pm.

I normally ask guests the day before check-out something like “What time do you have to be at the airport tomorrow?” (If they are bussing to the airport from here, I give them a ride to the station) or “Are you going home from here tomorrow, or continuing your travels?” which gives me an idea of when they’ll be checking out so I can plan my cleaning time, and if they possibly lost track of the days, would alert them to the fact that it’s their check-out day.

One recent guest had a late flight out, so didn’t need to leave here until 7 pm, but he very responsibly packed up his stuff and put it out on the porch and tidied his room, without being asked, before going out for awhile, so I could start cleaning if I needed to. (He was a real keeper- he loves to fish, but is vegan, so doesn’t eat fish, and gifted me with a dozen filets from the fish he caught, which are in my freezer)

That makes sense. I wondered how you did it when it is in-person. It seemed extra-awkward to say something to someone in your kitchen. So, it’s not, “hey, have a glass of this wine if you’d like and don’t forget you have to gtfo by 11am tomorrow” ? :grin:


I message my guests the night before check out reminding them that the next day is checkout by noon. I mention they don’t need to do anything other than turn things off, lock the door and put the key in the lockbox.

Really think it’s a good idea to give them some warning. It’s worked every time.

They just cam e up from their room and cheerfully told me they will be checking out “today”. I didn’t press for a time :grinning:

Will save a standard checkout message for future multiple night stays - and send it the night before. Won’t bother for one-night says (which most of ours are) since generally they are traveling through and I ask what their plans are over a cup of tea the night they arrive.

Thanks for the discussion!

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I have a giant clock that starts ticking down loudly and announces 15 minutes to check out… 10 minutes to check out… then right at 10 am it emits a high pitched tone that old people can’t hear but it drives the youngsters out.

Yeah, I’m kidding but hosts sometimes have evil thoughts.


Here’s our standard scheduled pre-check-out message that I usually edit before it goes out:

Dear short code start
[guest first name]short code end

I so hope that you’ve enjoyed your stay here.

Pre-check-out instructions:

– Check-out is by 10 am tomorrow, at which time we’ll enter the unit. If you leave before 10 please let us know so we can enter earlier to begin cleaning. A late checkout is not available because we have a guest checking in.
– Please return any furniture or anything that’s have been moved, including outside, to its original position.
– Recycling in recycling bins.
– General tidy up. The property, inside and out, should generally look like it was when you checked in. Used towels on bathroom floor; beds of course unmade.
– Please let me know now if anything is damaged, stained or not working.
– Press the RED AUGUST logo on the keypad to lock the door.

If you happened to notice something could benefit from our attention, or just have a suggestion, please send us a note on the platform before you leave or a text so we can get a head start before the next guest arrives.

It’s been so nice hosting you !

I hope you’ll share your thoughts in a review when prompted by Airbnb. It’s the words in the reviews people really value. Please give me private comments for anything that my team or I could have done better. Thank you for selecting my home as your place to stay in Worcester.

Safe travels home!

It might be more fun to install an intercom, a very large and loud one as they have in schools so you’d have the option of personalizing the experience (and also do a mic-check for your own amusement). “Check. Check. One two. One check, hey Jeff and Lisa, you got about 15 minutes until I have your uhaul towed out of my driveway. Also, please don’t strip the bed. Thanks!” :grin:


This should be beautifully hand lettered on heavy cardstock and placed on a little sterling silver easel by the door of every short term rental out there.


I’d like to have that to put right below the framed cross stitch of “Don’t Be a Dick” :smiley:

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Those sorts of signs could replace the “Live, love, laugh” bad design trend signs. “Cutting boards, not countertops, are for cutting on”, “Only dirty people wear street shoes on carpets”.

And hosts could go over after dark on guests’ last night and swap out the “Welcome” mat at the front door for one like my friends’ that says “Go Away”.


Here is mine (i advertise my house as no required chores but still have people stripping beds and stuff, which actually makes my job harder i find more often than not):


I hope your stay in Denver is going great, and that the house has been comfortable for you and your group.

I just wanted to reach out about check-out in the morning. Just a quick reminder that check-out time is 11 am.

For check-out:

-Tidy up a bit if there are any spills or messes

-No need to strip any sheets or do anything with the linens

Thanks again for choosing to stay in my home. You’ve been fantastic, and I really appreciate it.