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Check In and Out App Feature


Last week I was out and about and got an app notification: XXX has successfully checked in. It was as if the guest pushed a button to acknowledge check in, and I got notified. I’ve never seen that before or since. I thought it was a cool feature. Usually I have the guest message me when they arrive if I’m not meeting them. Has anyone else seen this? I thought it was so handy, but haven’t had a guest use it since and I’ve had maybe 4 or 5 since then.


I haven’t gotten it as a host. I was a guest earlier this week and didn’t get any kind of prompt to use it although I have many of the notifications (like when I’ve been reviewed) turned off.


Only been hosting for a year and an air bnb user for 2 but I believe that’s always been there however less than 10% of my guests use it.


I use the step-by-step check-in guide for guests. If they follow it to the end, I am automatically notified that they checked in successfully. I’d say I get notified about 40% of the time. I’m not sure what actually triggers the notification—reaching the last page, closing the guide, etc…

Also, this is no guarantee that they are actually IN successfully. I have received the notification only to then receive a text from the guest that they don’t know their code (which means they didn’t read the guide).


I’ve been a host for a year and used to receive these check in success notifications but haven’t for several months. I haven’t deliberately changed any settings thst would explain the change but I liked getting these. It’s annoying that they stopped.


Interesting. I’ve never heard of or seen this and I’ve been hosting eight years.


I’ve had a couple of people use a check-in/out function and received a notification. One even used it accidentally several hours before his actual check-in. I tried to find it after a recent stay we had as guests but was nowhere to be found.


I had a guest this week say that they couldn’t find out how to check out. I said: just pull the door behind you. I thought it was quite strange as I have never had it happen before. Have I missed something?

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