Check-in and check-out time - half an hour?

Will there be possibility to set half-an-hour check-in or check-out dates?
Thank You in advance!

@Gradir Welcome to the forum! You question seems a bit incomplete to me, but let me give it a try.

You are asking if it is possible to have a 1/2 window, the same one for all guests, for checking in and checking out? The AirBNB app will allow you to only designate a one hour window for checkin, and a before time for checkout. I can’t imagine, however, that you will secure a tremendous number of bookings with this kind of a window. Sometimes people arrive by the 4:30pm train, or perhaps they drive and can not arrive before 6pm. If you are near an even moderately busy airport, airplanes don’t all arrive at the same time.

So, I think you can set up your house rules any way that you want, but there is a price to be paid for not providing any flexibility.

Ah I didn’t explain it thoroughly.
I meant that I have the check-out in my apartments set on 10:30. That’s when the cleaning starts. On AirBnB we are only allowed to set full-hours, so I can set check-out on 10:00, but it actually can sound pretty harsh on first look. 10:30 sounds reasonable and there is a glimpse of possibility to stretch it to 11:00 if needed, which is true :slight_smile:
Thank You for quick reply!

@Gradir. I agree… so I do set my time to 10AM, and then in the rules say anytime before 10:30AM. I found 11AM was too late with a 3PM checkin time, but 10:30 is manageable. Sometimes guests do ask if they can have a bit more time, but since they never ask until the night before, by then I know when my next guest expects to arrive and can answer with this knowledge. If next guest is coming at 3PM, I have to say no. If the next guest isn’t arriving until 9PM, then I can say yes. Please note, that I do all my own cleaning so I am not coordinating with another person.