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Cheapest PMS system that can synchronize pricing between airbnb/homeaway?


So right now I’m using Smartbnb to automate messaging, which is great. $20 a month, insanely useful.

But for pricing I chose Pricelabs, which is also great! BUT they only do airbnb. They say you have to get a separate PMS that integrates with both HomeAway and airbnb, and THEN integrate that with pricelabs.

Is there a pricing app/website that can do both systems without the need for a PMS in the middle? OR is there a cheap PMS out there that I can shove in the middle, that doesn’t cost 1% of my annual revenue?


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@Scottk42, unfortunately, i have the same issue as you, so I use Pricelabs for ABB and BeyondPricing for Vrbo.

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