Cheap Window Coverings?......and do you use BLACKOUT?

I just remodeled my AirBNB. I’m looking for some fairly good quality window blinds or roller shades (id prefer roller shades) that are not too expensive. Also, do y’all put in black out window coverings?

Yes you will want a product to allow total black out of light.

I don’t but it depends where your rental is. It’s dark outside our apartments so they’re not necessary but if there were streetlights outside, then they’d probably be a necessity.

I hate blackout curtains, but enough guests complained that I eventually put them in. I would suggest using a double curtain rod. That way you can have both sheer curtains and blackout curtains independently. Bed Bath and Beyond has some good looking blackout curtains that don’t look like blackout curtains and they have them on display.


I like fabric Roman shades. If you don’t get custom ones, they are semi-affordable.

I have these. They were cheaper when I purchased them. Are they the best shades in the whole world? No, but they’ve made it through multiple guests without breaking and I do think they look good.

Make sure you measure correctly. If they are too narrow, light will peek through the sides.

I used blackout, but the bedrooms face the rising sun. Also, people on holiday, or “vacation” may want a lie in, which will always take them into harsh daylight hours

My guest bedroom faces east, so blackout blinds are essential. I’ve got the Ikea ones -[] - they’re ultra cheap and effective, and much appreciated!

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I have blackout curtains with either sheers or blinds closest to the windows.

Many good reasons for blackout curtains—-keep out hot sunlight, in the winter keep heat in, keep out light if guest wants to sleep in, or help night shift workers keep to their sleep schedule. Plus some folks are sensitive to light so even a robust full moon may bother them (not ME!!! But others)


I agree with Annette and Barns. All but one bedroom window here faces south east. I have both black out blinds and curtains with black out linings. We have had heatwaves during the last two summers in the UK, and the blinds have been invaluable in keeping the rooms cooler during the day before guests arrive, whilst allowing a breeze (if there is one…) to come through at the bottom.

We do not use blackout anything. We have good quality window blinds with sheer panels or just blinds in all but one bedroom. That one faces south and the window is under a wide porch; it has opaque curtains. The other bedroom windows all face south, north, and/or west and I love the builder for that.

It’s in the country so there is no bright light at night even if they forget to turn the lights in the yard off because they are green low pollution bulbs all round. We like our dark skies. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here at 58 deg N summer solstice sunrise is 4am. I just bought blackout panel curtains from Amazon. I have had no complaints from guests.

Roller shades are too easy to damage and many guests have problems with them and with other types of blinds, and the curtains were much cheaper than custom venetian blinds like I have in my space downstairs.

I bought great blackout curtains on Amazon to make up for my over priced black out blinds from Hunter Douglas that don’t do their job well enough.

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We got really nice looking blackout curtains at JC Penney of all places that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. They have a great selection of curtains (or did a couple of years ago when we bought them). They really go with our decor and don’t look like cheapo blackout curtains that I typically see. There is a building door light from an adjacent building that shines right outside our Airbnb unit’s bedroom window, so the curtains are absolutely necessary for a good night’s sleep.

I’ve considered blackout curtains, but I live in a climate with 260+ days a year of overcast and the windows face north. It’s just antithetical to think about it! One guest in 2.5 years has mentioned it and I think he was a vampire anyway :wink:

I have IKEA curtains. Cheap and easy. Curtains are one thing you will consistently find in thrift stores too.

I use blackout fabric from the sewing store. As we approach winter I am also considering making “window blankets” which roll down and fit snugly.