Cheap reviews from family and friends pricing

My family and friends price is basically a nominal fee… lets day 50 for a 1k stay. I havent been booking through airbnb because im worried if they review me, itll be seen as a fake review, as if i had basically just purchased it. Does anybody know if there is a pricing threshold for reviews? Has anybody had a review rejected, or any experience with this?

Thanks in advance!

You question isn’t at all clear, could you try rephrasing?

I believe it is $10 a night minimum.

Getting friends and families to review is a good way of getting you going.


Sorry for it not being clear.

How many $10 stays can i offer wothout getting in trouble for pirchasing reviews (usually averages $200 per night) ?

I don’t know why don’t you just do a few and then get reviews from paying guests?

I’m the same. There’s nothing anywhere to state that you can’t get review from people even if you know them. But have them book at a realistic price then refund then in cash. Then you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

But it’s a lot better to explain to family and friends that your rental is your business and that they are not entitled to free (or cheap) stays. Just do it with real guests and make some proper money.

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AirBnB are always trying to get you to reduce your prices so can not see why a $10 special offer would be an issue and it minimises their fees and taxes.


There might not be a specific number …rather if ever an issue comes up with any guest, they might review your account and just think you are buying good reviews for pennies and send off and close your account.
Doing a refund would bring it on faster in my opinion.

No matter how many F&F reviews you buy, your real abilities as a host, and the real quality of listing, will come out when you start getting real guests. If you aren’t as stellar as your friends and family say you are, you’re gonna look silly. Why not just let the market determine your worth rather than trying to fake up a good resume?


You are a new host I am guessing. Don’t try and play the system. Lower your price for normal guests and get some good reviews you have earned. Start down the path of gaming the system and it won’t go well. Do your best as a host with a good value option and you will be okay. Good luck!


I have to say I don’t see anything inherently wrong with the practice, but what I do think is that you’re already worried about it, so the stress of thinking you might be “found out” will counteract any advantage you get from a few cheap reviews! Just enjoy the F&F visits for what they are … you’ll probably have so much business from paying guests soon that you’ll have to limit their visits anyway!

I wondered where those guests who “looked at your listing and booked for $40 less per night” were going!