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Charging for food app

Hi, I’ve only been a host for the past 3 months, but I’m loving it. My background is a software developer/entrepreneur.

One thing that I have been interested in doing is offering to sell food out of my fridge to guests. Most of the time we will have the same food being bought and stored by different guests.

I have a Costco membership and I think it makes sense to buy in bulk and charge for the convenience. I know that this opens up some potential problems with people steeling food, but I’m willing to give the trust system a chance as I have pretty great guests.

  1. Does anyone know of an app that exists that facilitates this?
  2. Would any other hosts be interested in this kind of app.
  3. If I build it all out, would there be some people willing to be early adopters.

I don’t think this is a huge money maker, but I do see it as extremely convenient for guests and as a host that always throws out food that goes bad, I think it may be a way to keep the fridge stocked and have less food waste.

Thanks for any feedback!


Be aware that what you are considering may be illegal in your city/county depending on your local Food and Health Safety officials

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Great point Ken! I’ll definitely check on that. I am not wanting to cook/prepare food to be sold. Most articles surrounding this subject are for preparing food and selling it. I’ll definitely send the question to my attorney and get his input.

My assumption is that it would be easy to sell packaged items like cans of soda, canned goods, etc.

Thanks again Ken!


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