Charged for twice

Hi, I booked a room and during the payment something happened and the Airbnb mobile app show me an error and I didn’t have sure about the confirmation about my booking so I tried a new payment again and this time it was working and I received at my screen the confirmation. But when I saw in my bank account I realized that two payments for airbnb with the same value. I contacted my host and she asked me to contact airbnb. It happened 7 hours ago. I did the cancellation within 30 minutes or less after payment confirmed, but I will receive less than 50%. It’s not fair because I received a damage for failure system. Somebody may help me please, I am getting nervous with this situation.

Contact airbnb and see what they say. You cannot be charged twice for the same listing for the same period unless you paid for two different listings, which could then be problematic.
Contact airbnb and see what they say.
But if the payments were for the same listing for the same time period, I’m pretty sure you’ll get a refund

You weren’t canceling a reservation, you were canceling a double payment! This error should be refunded. They will probably do it. Give them a ring.

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How can I contact airbnd_ I was charged twice for the same listing. I don t find any contact mail or anything !

It’s best to call them and there is list of numbers pinned to the top of this forum

Same happened to me. It happened to me on 7 march and i havent received my refund yet. I called them on the uk phone number 00442033181111 and they opened a ticket telling me that their tech team is looking into it, but no answer yet

Call them back?

did that almost on daily basis. They say that the situation is in their attention and i will be contacted when its resolved. Some of the operators adding that they added a note for priorising the case, but honestly meaning nothung tbh

Use twitter

Hi Horjea_Alexandru - I’m curious to know if your overcharge was resolved. I am going through the same thing and Airbnb are being extremely elusive. Can’t tell me when my double charge will be resolved either. It is very very frustrating dealing with their customer service. They are basically stealing from me!

Contact your credit card company, they can resolve it.

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Unfortunately they can’t (it is a salary packaging debit card) except to provide a statement for me to send to Airbnb showing the double charge. Airbnb have been impossible to deal with, all they keep telling me is that their payments team are investigating, they cannot put me through to them nor give me a phone number. Meanwhile I have not heard back regarding the issue and have made over five frustrating phone calls to Airbnb Australia customer service line.

I only use my Visa card for travel, it gives me great travel insurance. They also sorted out a ripoff artist whom I rented a van from, he tried to bill me for damages I didn’t cause. I had to pay when I was there, but when I got home, I got in touch with Visa and they had the false charges reversed. Best $110 a year investment. It’s been amazing when I had to cancel travel, deal with lost luggage and it gives me free rental car insurance.

Hi, I also had experience with double billing and airbnb, I think that the error in the system after the payment of the application is returned to me on the page for the registration of personal data and at the same moment they receive a notification from the bank how the transaction was successful and a notification from airbnb as rejected verification of personal data, after a lot of trouble, the same thing happens again, after the fourth or fifth attempt, I managed to pay the reservation and refunded, a nasty experience, I hope that the airbnb will return the money and will solve the problem of double or triple billing