Channel Management and Multi Account

Hi Folks!
Alex is here.
Need your expert advise.

My question will be:
How important for Air BnB hosts to have an opportunity to manage their inventory for multiple sales platforms (Air, Expedia, Agoda,, TripAdvisor) from one place and to be able to see all of their accounts in one calendar (PMS like presentation)?
We’ve developed a stable working tool to connect your listing on booking com and Air for example and to manage different properties on different accounts at one calendar. It was on market for 3 years now and proved to be solid.
I’ve noticed some movement of such kind on this portal but not to many.
So interested is it even something that industry seeks on the large scale or just single cases here and there?

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I’ve signed up to a whole bunch of websites but I only get bookings from Airbnb.

So this would be useless for me.

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You can already do this by synching your various calendars to a Google Calendar.

Unless you get access to the APIs for the various sites, and can offer the ability to manage listings on multiple platforms from a single central location, I don’t see much benefit beyond the current sync features.


Hi Paul! I guess it depends on your location. Working with some guys from NYC we register pretty good result from expedia and some other channels too.

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Hi Fellix!
We offer management on API level as you said and it’s beig a 100% channel manager tool when availability is being managed automatically on different platforms at once.

Post some screenshots.


I’ve been fooled by come ons for this kinda thing before. Nothing was so great that I wanted to pay for it.

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I’m a multi listing host that lists on multiple platforms. Google Calendar absolutely does not work in my case, so I would be interested in learning more about it, but I’d also be very nervous about it as one mistake can have a lot of repercussions, more then one mistake for a live-in host with a single room (which of course is also a disaster).

I don’t even know what to say here. We always give test period for our new users and they start to pay only if they like it. I hope your situation resolved.

Felix I got better offer than screenshots.
Why wont we create a test account for you to try everything on?
Let me know how our support can contact you and we will give you an actual free access to our system.
Reason we want to do that is because we aim at apartment business at the moment. We work with couple of thousands of hotels and they all are happy campers using our channel manager and at certain period we’ve seen a pretty big niche in apartment segment that ever grows. There is a slight difference between a regular channel that has API and XML and guys like Air, FliKey, VRBO etc. So biggest challenge for us was to make them work together and we achieved this result. That gives us different angle from which we look at the industry. We hope that our solution will find feedback in the hosts community which is a lot different than hoteliers community and now we are trying to get in touch.

We have couple of hundreds of apartments here and there working with us who find us on their own and I’m looking for the way to be able to enter certain regions with this offer proactively.

So screenshots I’ll definitely will post them and if you don’t mind to leave an inquiry you can do it here

Is the price said per month, one time or?

It’s not clear

Hi Sylvain!
We charge monthly flat-rate fee per one unit.
It is being calculated taking under consideration the number of units you have and your average rate. We are flexible and trying to make it not only working for you but being lucrative too.
We have dedicated support and tons of other perks as a major developer for hotel industry, such as rate shopping tool, reputation management and more. If needed we can even create a template website for you in a matter of less than 2 weeks that will have a booking engine on it. Or we can implement booking engine on your Facebook page where you can do your own sales through mingling an networking.

We have thousands of Airbnb hosts on that use our tools to ensure their calendars, listings and rates stay up to date. Here’s why iCal/google isn’t always enough.

  1. Delay
    Some channels, including Airbnb, delay their exports with up to 48 hours (!). This means there is a window where double-bookings can occur which is unacceptable to most hosts.

  2. Prices
    Many hosts use Airbnb Automatic Prices or tools provided by Beyond Pricing, Everbooked and pricelabs. Ical doesn’t include prices, so if prices go up on Airbnb you risk selling too low on other channels.

  3. Booking details
    Many iCal exports include the name of the guest, but arrival times, phone number, emails and number of guests are seldom included.

  4. Setting up accounts
    It takes a long time to set up listings on multiple platforms. Some even takes weeks! With a good tool you can automatically list your properties on other channels rather than copy-pasting yourself.

  5. Communication
    It’s important to stay in touch with the guests. Google cal can only block dates, and you still need to contact the guests through the individual channels.

Hostaway solves these problems by allowing Airbnb hosts to get set up and manage their listings on several sales channels. Please send me a message or answer here if you have any questions.

Hi Guys!
I’ve put some screenshots in this online folder.
Please check them out and let me know what you think.


I use VReasy for almost a year now and so far i’m really happy.
I’ve tried multiple solutions and this one was the best for our need.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
PS: we manage 50 properties in Prague on almost 30 channels

That’s a popular topic among hosts. :slight_smile: Though I am a bit late on jumping into the discussion (quite new to the forum) wanted to share my experience. I use AirGMS platform for this purpose. This is a vacation rental software. Like a channel manager, it has multi-platform synchronization. So, you can sync all calendar data from VRBO, HomeAway,, etc. Most of my bookings come from Airbnb though. Hope it might help. By the way, here is a link to their website:

Hi Alex! It’s a great question. And the answer is: it depends!
About how many units you have, your location (very important), the demand in your area, etc. I’ve seen hosts benefiting greatly from over exposure and some other backing down as most of their bookings were coming from Airbnb anyway.