Changing reservation

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Quick question.

If i as a host send a request for chaning reservation dates for quests that asked reservation to be chsnged , do i get penilazed in anyway or nothing at all as its only request ?

I do it often- both dates and listings.
No penalty as far as I know.
You have given the guest an explanation and this is at their request?

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@Marko - please be careful on changing dates for a guest. It’s a well-known trick for guests that are not eligible for a refund to change their dates to be further into the future, then cancel and get a full refund.


Yes this was their request but i sent this as a host and they accepted without any question , i was just curious if host for some reason gets penilzed for requesting changes for reservations ( by logic it shouldnt at a all )

Yeah i am very well aware of it but thank you tho for heads up ! :slight_smile:

Just happened to me yesterday but I denied the request. I have strict and it was the 13th day. Then he told me that work doesn’t need him to work the two extra days so he wants to cancel the whole reservation. (He forgot that he told me the reason for his trip was to visit a friend.)

He tried twice to have me change to booking and both times I declined. I told him that all cancellations have to be done via Airbnb and that their will be penalties based on their policies and my cancellation policy.

Of course I then got the request from airbnb asking me to give him a refined which I denied.

He has still not replied with info I request of checking in so I’m probably going to have to get Airbnb involved and expect a bad review. I plan on taking a dated and timed video of the place, showing the mattresses with. no bed bug poop, and how clean the space its.

It pisses me off that we get no protection from Airbnb in these cases.


You do not get penalized for requesting a change nor accepting a change.

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