Changing prices

So we have a big festival in our town and family want to come and stay with us but we need $$ more right now. We set our prices higher for the 2 days and turned the auto price thing off.

Someone booked today and it’s at standard prices! How does this happen… Feel as hosts that we are less and less in control.

You are absolutely SURE that you not only changed the price, but then clicked the SAVE button? If you didn’t click Save, and see the change on the calendar, then it didn’t change…

No it’s impossible. Airbnb will never change your prices . I us it once and it happened because I set a price e and then gave a weekly discount

The only thing you can do is call Airbnb.

I have had the same where I have set an increased weekend price but when the guest booked it was at my standard weekday price.

I called Airbnb who could see that I had done this and they covered the additional price as it was their error.

In this case they should be able to check whether it was the same in your case?

If for some reason you didn’t confirm the additional price, your option is to honour the booking, or cancel the booking at take the hit for Airbnb’s cancellation penalties. But then you wouldn’t be able to book on their platform.

You. Have to go through a couple of screens to make sure you have actually saved it.

nice and informative post

Thank you. This has been happening to me . I set the room at $50/night and its been on sale for $80+ per night and no bookings. we are normally 100% booked. No idea what is going on.