Changing my pricing


I am relatively new to Airbnb and realised that we were only charging for the room rather than per person. I have now amended this but want to ensure that bookings made before I changed this will remain at the rate that they originally booked as it would be unfair to charge them more.


They will. Don’t worry.


Ive found my answer>. Rates will only change for future bookings.

How bid is your listing? Multiple bedrooms? Why would you change from charging for the space to charging per person? Makes no sense to me. If 2 people want to rent a space for six that’s their problem… and their expense. They pay for the larger place.

Um… don’t be afraid about being “unfair”! I they see it, and feel it is unfair, they will cancel, leaving you in the lurch!
If they booked, it’s because they liked your place it filled their needs!
Stand up for yourself!
Having said that, if you messed up on your parameters because (for example) you are new… my recommendation is to suck it up try to get a good review and improve your parameters for future bookings.

Thanks, I’ve realised that they get it at original price which I think is only fair. Future bookings will be at higher rate.