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Changing from "Entire Home/Apartment" to "Private Room"

We’re new to Airbnb, location is just across from Manhattan. We rented out a separate apartment as proof of concept for a few weeks and it went well. We got very good ratings - almost 5 stars, and met some nice people. We earned enough to pay for small appliances, a nice bed, TV, etc. and have a net profit, even including taxes owed. Going forward that apartment has been rented as a standard yearly lease - so no longer available on Airbnb. We have another floor in our house that has a bedroom that will be offered soon on Airbnb.

Can we use the same listing, but update to “Private Room” with the new photos and changes in amenities, or does it have to be an entirely new listing? The street address is the same. We worked hard for the nice reviews and would hate to start over again. Of course the description of the new space will be 100% accurate.

I’m not sure you can change it yourself - you might need to ring Air

@hudson I believe if it is the same address you may be able to change it

If the address is the same you can change it.

You want to change it. It’s a whole different experience. Whatever your great reviews were, they are for a totally different experience. Your listing will say “this host has reviews from another listing” so guests can see that you did a good job with the other listing.

Good luck!

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Wait …the reviews were for a complete apartment not a room, so yes, I think you must open a new account… those old reviews would be quite misleading now.


I agree with DCMooney. Your original reviews were for a totally different product. Part of the review is about you as a host, but the people who will rent will be different. Example, rent only whole apartments/houses. I don’t do bedrooms. Just my personal taste. The two groups will view you differently.

I was able to make the changes. it is a different unit, but in the same building. The revised description is 100% accurate. There can be no confusion between the old and new. If my future guests aren’t happy with the space or service it is their right to give me a less than stellar review. By the way EVERY guest (for the prior space) has left a review, and my rating is a hair short of 5 stars, so we have to be doing something right :slight_smile:

Glad I switched away from Airbnb for the apartment. I’ve heard from my new Airbnb friends nearby that winter months are very slow. And even with great pricing I wasn’t fully booked. With the room(s) I don’t need or want 100% occupancy.

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