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Changes to Review Policy?!


I thought both the guest & the host had to review each other before a review was posted? I randomly was looking at a nearby competitor’s listing & clicked on the profile of a guest who has also stayed with me & I could see 2 reviews I had given her but she had never reviewed me during her stay this month! Has that policy changed?!


If the other party has not written a review within 14 days then it will be published. So if the guest stayed with you more than 14 days ago, she has decided not to review you. You reviewed her, so your review was published. Neither the host or guest is under any obligation to write a review but if one is, then Airbnb will publish it after 14 days.

As far as I’m aware, that’s always been the case.


As Jaquo said the “have to review each other for it to post” only applies in the first 14 days. After 14 days whoever wrote a review, it posts, even if the other party did not write one.


She checked out on 5/15 & today is only 5/20. Or is it calculated off the check-in date? Which was 5/6.


I guess I’ve never seen a review I wrote without receiving one in return so I thought both reviews had to be completed for posting regardless of the 14 days. Thanks!

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