Changes in pricing

I just noticed that a customers reservation was $10 less a with that my normal rate? I have not turned on smart pricing, or another changes to my pricing… After noticing that I scanned the upcoming months and have noticed all pricing to be my ongoing rate, but I am worried that they may change again… Frustrated Ivan

Have you added a discount for bookings over 7 days or over 30 days?

Not that I am aware of, as I always keep the same price . I have looked at all of the settings that would do this , and have found nothing?


Could it be a rounding error on the Airbnb side? Depending on length of stay and total amount of the booking, I’ve seen my fair share rounding errors. For example:

Airbnb would see a 3 night booking where each night is $100, $100, $105 as “average nightly price of $102 x 3 days for a total of $306”. In this case, that’s only a $1 difference, but you can imagine how this rounding can result in bigger errors depending on length of stay and booking amount.

Does this have anything to do with “Price tip” . I always keep my rate the
same , and have never changed it, regardless of anything… I am not
dependent on the rental, and if it is not used than my wife and I use it,
so it’s a win, win… My worry is that there is a setting that I have
engaged, so when folks want to rent it , it changes automatically?

my rate is $50/night, the next thing I know is that I have a couple
booking 3 nights at $32/night

To be honest we can’t tell. You’re best calling Airbnb.

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