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Change to ability to claim damages for smoking?


Face it, Airbnb is a bookings broker. They have Terms coming out of their yin-yang, but because smoking is a he said-she said situation, they appear to be absolving themselves of this one, too.

I found the best way to deal with them is acceptance; specifically 2 convenient and comfy smoking areas. I guess they will be wanting them covered and heated next (!) and I ask them to wait a minute or two before coming in. So far so good.



This is bad. Very bad.

“No Smoking Fees” means they do not consider lingering smoke smell as a damage.

Which is wrong and stupid.

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I wonder if there is an air quality tool that could be used prior and post visit to prove “damage”



That would be good for just stinky guests that didn’t even smoke! Lol



I have heard good things about freshairsensor.com.
They have a sensor available to put in the unit to monitor for and immediately detect tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke. If it is detected it will send the host an immediate text message so that they can contact the guests right away ehile the smoking is taking place. Check it out .

. https://www.freshairsensor.com/



This could also serve as corroboration for you smoking claims with airbnb

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I wonder how much it will be and if there is a way to make it tamper proof.



Wonder if you could have it send notices to several places, like the host and the link to the AirBnB guest so it would automatically indicate and keep a record with AirBnB.

If someone is smoking on our property if means our son has to use an Eppy pen and go to the hospital–very expensive.

Many people who make reservations with us say they are doing so because of our strict no-smoking policy. They have the same problem.

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The company provides special tamper proof screws and screwdriver to install the units at electrical outlets and you get a notification if the unit is forcibly removed

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You do receive a report that is date stamped with scientific proof for each occurrence. Can’t detect vaping at this time



They also make a sound like a fridge is running all the time that makes them very conspicuous. In my experience, they don’t work unless someone is really hot boxing the place. You have to install these in every room on every outlet if you really want to catch a smoker. We have 62 of these at a boutique hotel I host at and they catch smoking maybe 5% of the time.

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Just inquired and looked through all the info. The cost is $360. Or you can lease it for a $6/monitoring fee or a hybrid where you pay $120 for the unit and $4/month for the monitoring fee. The breakeven point is 5 years. Unfortunately they only accept minimum orders of 50 at this time. I am not spending $18k to use 14-20 of these and try to sell the rest at a breakeven of my time and investment. And especially so if they are not all that effective as Mexican says. Now, if Airbnb would guarantee me my smoking fines whenever they went off during a guest’s reservation, I might consider it.

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It’s ridiculous that ABNB is taking that stand! Hotels will charge a minimum of $100 if you smoke in a non-smoking room, it’s a lot more expensive to clean a whole house/unit of smoking residue, carpets, furniture & washing walls & maybe even some painting may be required. Worse than smoking is the residue from vaping! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.rpmwasatch.com/are-residents-vaping-in-your-draper-rental-property-661/amp#ampshare=https://www.rpmwasatch.com/are-residents-vaping-in-your-draper-rental-property-661






Last summer I had 1 guest who did over $300 in damages. She (Yes, a woman & she was over 65 & I thought “no worries, she’ll follow the house rules” but she owned up & paid, I had another single woman over 40 & she put a hole in the fiberglass shower/tub, I clean my own property & especially the tub/shower unit & know there wasn’t a hole before her, I did have photographic proof of other damage she did, she denied it & ABNB paid me out of their pocket. Fortunately all this was accomplished before the review period was over & I mentioned every rule she broke, the damage she did, the fact that she refused to take responsibility & that ABNB reimbursed me. So if she ever uses that account to try to book again future hosts will have fair warning.
P.S. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how mad she was about my review.



Could it be semantics, that is smoking ‘fee’ vs. smoking ‘fine?’



I had that back and forth with the rep, the issue seems to be less about ‘fee’ vs ‘fine’, and more that they don’t see smoke smell removal as “Damage”. Despite receipts for services



Must have been a CSR who smokes!!!



Airbnb is not my go-to for handling things like smoke smells. I have an ironclad rental agreement related to things like smoke that we settle in the local Court, and the agreement verbiage binds us with things like extraterritorial process so I can collect no matter where they are in the USA. Even the threat of Court action may cause some to pay. There is a lot more than that in agreement, but some of it is bluff.

I don’t have a deposit to collect against, I had to deposit to make them think about behaving better

Of course, first you request of guests for payment. Then court.

I don’t want to go to Airbnb for small stuff. They don’t really support the host and I don’t need them to keep record of how many times I try to get money from them. Their security is useless and not worth the aggravation.

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