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'Change reservation' not reflecting updates

Hi all

We have a confirmed guest (party of 4) that is due in a couple of weeks. They messaged, asking if an additional person could join their group. I said they could but there would be an additional charge to cover linen, towels etc, which they are happy with. I’m now trying to change the reservation, taking into account this fifth person. I’ve changed the listing to reflect 5 people rather than 4 and I’ve added the extra guest charge per night. Even so, when I try to change the reservation, the new price doesn’t take into account the new additional charges of the fifth person - it continues to show the old price. Am I missing something?

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks

I think it’s because the guest has to approve the alteration made by the host. Once they approve it, it will be updated.

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But to approve it, wouldn’t you want to know what the new price is going to be? I’m sure I must be missing something.

The extra charge should appear on the alteration as well as the number of guests. If it’s not showing the new amount, maybe you skipped a step.

Yes you are. If your maximum was four when they booked you can’t add the extra person to the booking.

Personally I would be charging them your full additional per person rate not just for linens .

Send them a request through the resolution Centre and ask. airbnb to add the fifth person to the booking .

Ah, OK. It was happy for me to add the extra person, but not for any additional charges. I sent a request for the guest to update their booking to 5 guests, which they did. Even on receiving this from the guest, it didn’t register the extra guest charges, which I thought it would (or should). The additional charge I have requested through the resolution centre as extra services, which was probably the way I should have done it in the first place! Live and learn.

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