Change photos seasonally?

So I just had a Brit couple who said that the photo of the backyard pool and hot tub was misleading. I’m like, what?

So all I can think is is that the photo was taken in summer and it’s now fall. Should one change photos seasonally?

But then again, this couple complained that they have slept in lots of queen size beds and this seemed more like an single. That’s because it is, and that’s what the listing specifically said. But apparently, my ad was misleading.

Lol. Then they said the shower handle was backwards, that the direction for hot was actually cold. Umm, no it isn’t.

Not a bad idea if you live where the seasons are notably different. I’m in South Florida…

No. No one expects you to update your photos. If your guests aren’t aware of the seasonality of your location, that’s their problem. If I see flowers in someone’s yard in a photo and I book in the dead of winter in a place where it snows, I’m an idiot for thinking I can expect greenery and flowers. Your guests sound picky and clueless. Did they put that in a review?


Obviously newbie travelers! I think it’s a one off and won’t happen again. You could always put a disclaimer in the caption. Photo shows garden in winter. Seasons may vary foliage.

But honestly, that is so lame. Only if you live in Southern California or Hawaii will you get very little change in seasons!

Well the thing is - they’re very experienced travelers lol. Now I’m just putting something in the description about it’s fall, but thenhotntub still heats!

@searchedtobelost more than picky, they seem just clueless.

No, they didn’t put the feedback in the public review space. They just said, “Great value for the price!” So I’ll take my gratitude where I can get it, that’s for sure hahaha.

Yes, I move my pictures around for the winter season.

I now put the winterview of the house to the front, and also the ski, snowboard and horsesleigh pictures.
Just to get a bit in the mood.

The hiking, biking and swimming pictures are moved to the back.

I just removed some photos yesterday, mostly of the crepe myrtles which bloom beautifully all summer but we cut down to stubs in the winter. It really changes the amount of privacy and the view at the windows so I don’t want someone showing up expecting to be surround by flowers and instead getting a shorn tree trunk. Even though the seasons are mild here in the south there is still a big difference between summer and winter (crazy hot vs. pleasantly warm).

I change up the photos because the seasons where I live each have something different to offer. I highlight new activities, scenery, and yard shots accordingly. I think Airbnb likes it when you change your photos…I usually get a couple more ticks on the wishlist count afterwards. Maybe they give you a little boost in the search??

So am I but in other areas where there is a difference it would be better marketing to show what’s available during various seasons on your listing.

If I remember rightly, it is the other way around in the UK.

I haven’t changed my photos. I don’t have anything to change them to! I do plan to post a photo of our home in snow, but first, I need the snow. And, I am simply not going to wish for an early snowfall just to get a photo. Snow is hard work.

We are taking down a tree today [very sad], but this loss will not affect my AirBNB rooms and I don’t have any photos that include this tree.

Perhaps, my garden pictures should mention that it is a lovely place to sit when the temperatures are not too cold.

I have photos from the snow covered Winter, green Summer & colorful Fall. If my guests aren’t smart enough to know which season is which, well there’s little help for them.

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