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Change of Management Issues

Good Morning, I wonder if anyone else out there has been in a situation where they “took back” ownership of their property from a management company. I am still dealing with issues in regards to Booking.com and our previous management company and am just so frustrated at the mis-information I have received during this very long process. I put my trust in Booking.com and now I am finding out that guests who have already stayed in my property have NOT paid.
Does anyone have any experience they could share?

We use BDC payments, i.e. they take payment from the guest and pass it on 10-14 days from check out. The fee is less than we’d pay processing the payments ourselves.

I take it you process the guest payments yourself, or at least your management company did?

If that is the case then really it sounds like it’s down to the management company, not BDC. If BDC process your payments, than all I can say is that we’ve never had an issue, so far!


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