Celebrities.... And what to expect

We have had a few celebrities stay with us over the years…HBO’s Entourage, Spanish TV stars, Bands, big techies, etc. Well, we just got a booking for some Bravo Reality TV stars that are known to be a little more wild… No, they aren’t filming while they are at my place, but are here for a big music festival. I reiterated all our house rules, asked for full names, we have outdoor cameras (only at entrances), and said any complaints and they are out. The booking person was at least the ‘responsible’ person in the series, but I’m still a bit nervous. Anyone out there have stories?

Hey, very cool!

I’ve not had the pleasure (or misfortune) of hosting celebs at my humble abode. I’m not sure if I’d be particularly worried for a few reasons: 1) they have the money to pay for damage 2) they’re less likely to damage your place knowing that one call to the tabloids would result in huge embarrassment and 3) they’re probably happy to escape their reality tv personas and be normal… which includes lounging in a house, getting takeout, etc. I dunno. I wouldn’t be worried.


It sounds to me like Coachella ?Is it ? I have tales for you if it is .
For the most part , nothing bad happens as you make sure that every single guest on the property is registered with you to be there . I mean , you want a list of every person staying with you , and yes you can tell them you will sign a NDA . No extra guests or other overnight special gueststars if you know what I mean . You can also ask them to sign an additional rental agreement
with you outlining all facts and , and get a big fat security deposit against any and all damage . No Smoking anywhere on the property and no Illegal drugs . If they break any rule just once , they agree to leave and the NDA is void . They may be big stars in their own minds , but they will be in your livingroom .


Ding Ding Ding @designconsortium2003. I have made sure I have every guests name, plus we do have 2 nest cams on both entrances, so I feel as covered as possible. I am more worried about the smoking and drugs, and given when I had renters break that rule in SF and ABB didn’t give a SHT, I kinda worry.

I think @PHX has good points as well, the tabloids would love that as would local press, but bad celebs at Coachella is sadly a thing. I think I’m being overly paranoid, but when I had 6 people in our house in the bay area, who blared music and smoked on out porch until 2am, and ABB did nothing. It adds to the paranoia.

Did you know there is a dedicated Airbnb team to to help you with VIP guests ! Its called the Love team and they help with VIP’s . Airbnb doesn’t want any bad publicity from Hollywood type guests . I would contact them and ask for the Love Team .

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Yes, when I had the Entourage guy stay they contacted me and wanted to send gifts to him. I said ‘no’ because I thought it was creepy that they were acting like ‘overlords’ and checking out who was staying. I might do it for the B list reality people…just to protect my house!!!

PS. Just emailed Chip… Thanks at @designconsortium2003


You never know what helps . I’m not sure how involved Chip is there anymore but he is a good start . I think the head of the love team is Maverick , a very nice guy I have dealt with him before . Let them help you , as its to protect themselves as well as you .
No tabloid fodder
Good Luck


yup, just got his new 'Out of Office" LOL


Our Palm Desert condo is rented out for 3 weekends this month for the Coachella Festival. Last year went pretty well. The year before I did have some problems with a group that I’m sure were wild and crazy and all drugged and drunk as fools, and most likely had extra guests.

The reason I knew this is because I showed up just after they’d left. The cleaning duo had been there and everything was just fine except they’d left sliding doors open and the AC on and hadn’t taken the trash bins out. OMG there was a mountain of bottles and pizza boxes. They also left some clothing items behind.

Since nothing was damaged I felt very lucky, but have since stepped up my pre-acceptance spiel about house rules and stressing that every guest must be registered at the gate–which isn’t really true but it weeds out the guests who may intend to bring friends along after the reservation is made.

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We are literally across from the venue, so you literally have to register at the gate or they won’t let you in!!!

I’m hoping nothing more than booze bottles and pizza boxes happens!

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The best way to help screen guests while there is to explain that the “pool” man has to take care of the pool everyday . That way you have an on the spot view if any damage is being done . Coachella is a party scene and you will get them . By all means tell them all guests must be registered at the gate !! Also having a daily cleaning team that goes in daily can monitor things also .

If all you had to worry about was Booze Bottles and Pizza boxes , I think that was fair enough for the $$$


If this is the “Real Housewives” I’d be concerned if they are traveling together without their kids, etc.

Is your property gated? You probably mean the gate to get into the festival, which is the last place on earth I’d want to be! lol! The heat. The crowds. The mostly awful music. …sigh, but I’m not 24 years old either :))))