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Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary

Celebrating one year on airbnb today!!!

My stats

25 Countries
58 Reviews
64 Groups
219 People
285 Nights

I’m pretty excited! This is a family business - I carry most of it, but my kids all share in the cleaning, many of the decisions, and greeting & serving the guests.


YAY! Congratulations to you and your family :slight_smile:

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Congrats. I hope it was worth it. My 1 months experience certainly was. :slight_smile:

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Thank, @Paul_Janaway! It has been a huge learning experience, especially the last 2 weeks.

But yeah, all-in-all, we’re very happy!


Yes definitely a huge learning experience but you learn quick :slight_smile:

Congrats! Did air email you?? Gifts?

Nope! But I’ve had great customer service lately due to a string of issues.



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