Casual Guests(who don't your Ad read Term and conditions)

I amazes me how some guests(definitely NOT all) DO NOT read the Ad properly or Airbnb Terms:

  1. Some guests think in my experience if relations breakdown it’s the Host that refunds the Guest out of there own wallet, not Airbnb

2)Guests you ask in tell about house rules(both in your Ad which is in writing/and on tour) and they start to immediately break them whether they realize it or not(e.g. noise issues e.g. slamming doors/or kitchen issues e.g. not opening the window when they cook after you told them to in the tour/or not turning the stove fan on when cooking meat e.g. stir fry, despite asking them to)

I’ve just had a guest stay and accepted along term booking, and already rules are being casually broken, and I had to let them know about another rule and it was a nervous tension (they were tense/I was tense) They are out and when they come back I think I’m gonna have to have a big chat to them(either obey my rules guys(there a couple) or leave and booking will be terminated and any refunds go to Airbnb(i think these guys think the host has to refund). What amazes is me is Airbnb’s new tick policy where you have you tick boxes to agree to Host’s rules how casually some people(guests) agree to it.
And this is where the casualness/and dilemma comes in(they are under-25, there 23). They are basically Airbnb rookies, they only have one review(as they did 1, 1 night stay somewhere before here, and so got the basics one sentence review(polite all the best). But a combination of there immaturity/age/and lock of Knowledge how Airbnb runs means they are having a casual attitude about rules. They don’t realize it seems it’s a legally binding agreement(youthful rookies) more they just think “okay we need a place to say we book with Airbnb,cool”.
Now I will have to have one of those crack the whip chats with them, and the older male(me) vs younger male/young girlfriend chat will have to happen, the these are STRICT RULES or leave.
I don’t think my current “Rookie Airbnb guests” truly understand all the Legal issues that go into running Airbnb let alone a business. There in the youth-zone that don’t seem to realize rules are put in writing for Legal-Reasons.

So yep these Rookie-Guest(who are young are annoying me with there casualness). They are a bit akward around me, and have gone out they probably are having one of these youthful-chats of this older guy get off our back a bit, or it’s tense. There not physically scared we are the same size, more they don’t seem to respect a House that has some strict house rules.
Then I ask why the hell did they book with me? As said rookie mistakes/and youth, they don’t realize it seems House RULES are ins rioting for a reason strict Legal reasons, and Airbnb is a business not a holiday camp.

Going forward I think I’m gonna have to put in my ads stuff like(for the rookies) READ Airbnb terms and conditions “carefully” before Booking. Or stuff like read Airbnb terms and conditions carefully and don’t complain if I terminate your booking in the middle of it(with our without reason) I urge you to read my Ad and terms and conditions properly, as it seems mostly the "ROOKIE Guests(mainly young ones) are clueless to how Airbnb is set up(A legal entity with rules).

If there is a refund, it does come from the host. Airbnb handles it and then takes it out of your next booking.

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Yes but all transactions are done through Airbnb not via you directly refunding the guest(Airbnb takes care of the transactions and paper work). And if the guest break codes of conduct, Airbnb often will refund and compensate the Host. I had a relationship breakdown(mutual with one guest)and Airbnb were very generous and fair put it that way in the money I got back. I had a 10-day booking that broke down on the first day Airbnb refunded me 3-days profit(out of the 10 days), and let me re-open my listing immediatly. There a billion dollar company, they can afford to write off this stuff sometimes.

@steve5500 ah another thread about breaking rules :slight_smile:

I thought you’d fitted your doors with things to prevent slamming?

People are creatures of habit; I too would open windows if I cooked but some people do not and no matter how many times you say it will forget to do it because it doesn’t come naturally.

Case in point: I hate the loo being flushed with the lid open as it covers everything in the contents of the loo, but I constantly find the lid up. Do I like it? No. can I control people’s behaviour by putting it in the house rules and telling them to read it? No. so I keep my toothbrush in a drawer and forget about the rest.

I haven’t seen your house rules but my bet is they’re so extensive they start to blur into the forgettable.

Get yourself a long term tennant at least they’ll have a chance to learn how you like things over time.

I did some acoustic adjustments to the doors, but not to a high level just basic pads. And yep these Airbnb-rookies(under-25 to) after 30 minute of the tour went out and slammed, I was very annoyed now I have a sore neck and back(whip lash) and will probably get a pissed off complaint from my neighbour who did complain about some door slamming from some of my past guests. This is a 3-month booking I’ll let you guys know how it goes if i have an awkward chat with them about, you guessed it breaking “House Rules”, my precious house rules lol, that these Rookie guests or some of my guests(not all far from all) don’t seem to obey or casually forget.