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Casper getting into the game

Ran across this on Facebook, can’t find any info about it though


@konacoconutz I called it :joy:


Always the sign of a bad company when they make you sign up before providing any information about themselves.

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Something I find very suspicious about that link is that it’s not the same primary domain as the mattress company itself. The mattress company Casper is at www.casper.com, not www.web.casper.com

Given that we know that criminals running phishing companies are desperately eager to get Airbnb host’s emails, so that they can send them phishing links in the form of fake emails from AIrbnb, and given that scammers and criminals often create their fake web pages by combining the company name with some other bits and pieces in the URL, I would suggest that this link looks more like a criminal operation than a real page from Casper.

IF the page were Casper’s, why wouldn’t it be in the form www.casper.com/hosts ??? (Which by the way is not a page that that company has) I have heard that Casper is giving out free mattresses to hosts, but this doesn’t mean that criminals aren’t out trying to exploit that offer with their phishing websites and other scams. It is something hosts should be very suspicious about when a website simply asks for their email and contact information to sign up.

Every time that happens, hosts need to be asking themselves…"what could a malicious person do with my email? Oh yes they could send me fake Airbnb emails that take me to a fake Airbnb website luring me to provide my Airbnb login information…and then they can hijack my account. "

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I’m in complete agreement. I hope none of our forum members enter their information into that web form.

The main domain address is Casper.com, I would understand if it was Casper.web.com but in this instance I would say it is legitimate and with an ssl encryption certificate.

Here’s an update

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DISCOUNTS??? I’m appalled. We need FREE. Tuft and Needle and Nest gave us FREE. And Casper just wants to offer a discount? Cheapskates. :smile:


Exactly same thing I thought, probably the same foam junk too.

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In defense of Nest, theirs isn’t junk. It’s a really good hybrid foam… Guests LOVE it… I must say. But I wouldn’t put the T&N in the guest room… It’s not up to par. Strange because of all the great reviews???

I agree, it’s way better than the T and N

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Actually it’s fine. As long as the last part of the domain is “casper.com”… In this case, “anything.casper.com”, then you’re good to go. You only need to worry if the canonical domain was something like this: “casper.somethingelse.com”.

I’ve been sleeping on the T&N since I got my Nest and it’s better for my hip and back than my old innerspring with foam topper that I’d been sleeping on. I think it is a perfectly good mattress for the price. I’ve slept on the Nest twice. It’s a better mattress and it’s more expensive.

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