Carpet stain, can I make guest pay for new carpet?

a long term guest (2 months) leaves in 2 weeks and has suddenly become careless, 2 coffee spills in 2 days.

now i have a problem, the carpet is a sisal, flax type carpet and cannot be steam cleaned or have stain remover as it is a natural fibre so it doesnt work, so now i have 2 large stains right in the middle, one can be covered with a rug, but the other is right in the centre.

who puts coffee mug on the floor i dont know, but now my problem is

since i cant get it cleaned, can i get them to pay for new carpet? or is that to extreme since it was just a stain?

There are a few methods here to consider and it appears to require immediate action. As such, I would get a professional carpet cleaner in who can do these methods (while the guest is there) and if they cannot eliminate get an invoice stating such and lodge a claim immediately. Things to keep in mind:

  1. You must lodge a claim before any new guests checks in and before 14 days after checkout, whatever comes first
  2. You must have photos and document everything
  3. You will need a quote and invoices for everything
  4. You may need to claim on your own insurance if Airbnb doesn’t cover you, check your policy coverage now
  5. Insurance will replace, if a small claims approach is applied by Airbnb or you if you need to pursue civilly (so get guests full contact details and name now) you will not get brand new carpets. You will get the depreciated value of your carpet to ‘make you whole’. Eg if your carpet is $10,000 and it should last 10 years, you’ve already had $5,000 worth if you are in year 5, so the max you can get is $5000.


How old is the carpet? If you do get reimbursed, they may pro-rate it. In other words, if it has a 10 year life expectancy and it’s 8 years old, you won’t get much.

The biggie

Has the guest agreed to pay?

What did the guest say? He admitted it?
How much this carpet worth?

Are you planning to update us or respond to our suggestions??? I wait with baited breath

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Sorry, I found out it can’t be steam cleaned so still deciding what to do

Yes it’s quite old but I have never marked it before so was in good conditon

Yes they txt me and told me and I’ve been round to try clean it

Yes you said that in your original post, this I provided other options…

Oh sorry missed ur first post. well it’s quite old so I don’t know about depreciating. It would probably be worth not much. I will check with insurance but then I have to pay the premium :frowning: and there were already a few other stains but smaller and the guest might argue about that. Ahhh

Can use hydrogen peroxide-based drink stain treatment chemical, very common in commercial cleaning supplies.

Hi ccf, welcome to the forum. The OP posted their situation 3.5 years ago, so hopefully they found a solution.

H2O2 is amazing stuff, but I wasn’t familiar with it’s stain removal abilities!

Have a great weekend.

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