CARDIFF, Wales - air bnb sucess

Hi, I have just recently moved to Cardiff and am curious to try air bnb ( room within my flat). I am living in the Bay area and think this is probably a bit far out from the city centre. Is anyone is Cardiff having regular booking ? what is the average no of days booked and price achieved ? Your help would be appreciated !

Do you believe any of your direct competition will give you this information?

If there is no big costs involved, just give it a try. Check out your competition on AirBnB and price accordingly.

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Hi @charlie11

For a slightly more helpful answer. Have a look at see if there is local host forum in Cardiff - could be meetup or Facebook and get to know hosts there.

This is an international forum. I don’t know any hosts from Cardiff on it. I am probably the closest -being in Bristol.

If you want to see what bookings are like for your area, and prices search for the bay area on their website and see what comparable flats charge and check their calendars to see how booked up they are.

I think the bay area of Cardiff is lovely and will be popular with tourists and business people.

What sort of people would you see your flat being suitable for? Make sure your description and photos target them. Think about what makes you stand out.

Rookie mistakes are not reading up on how Airbnb works before you let your listing go live. Although Airbnb will try and persuade you to have instant book turned on. Turn it off. You will then be able to vet your guests before they book. Look at Airbnb community forums and in particular their community guides and tips for new hosts. Look at the host area on Airbnb’s Help Section.

Good luck.


If you want to know how Airbnb works in Cardiff, you might also want to check-out the city report for Cardiff on AirDna

And if you want to see how current listings are performing in terms of rate and occupancy, you can run a listing report on (which a service I provide, sure, but free of charge).

For example, the top listing in Cardiff:


Good luck! Wales is lovely and I imagine that you’ll find that you get guests just fine. Remember that not everyone is looking to be in the centre of town and I’m sure that your location has plenty to offer guests.

As many people here will tell you, being an Airbnb host is not for the faint-hearted and can be a lot of work so I suggest that you do a lot of research first. After all, it’s likely that there’ll be various set up costs and it’s as well to thoroughly investigate first before you start getting your place ready.

You’ve made the right move by finding this forum! There are many very experienced hosts here and you’ll find a wealth of knowledge here - when I first joined I think I read every single post. Bear in mind that we all have different hosting styles and we don’t always agree but you’ll learn a lot here.

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Great, thanks for your tips !

ok thank you for your tips, very helpful !

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