Capturing Text, Photos, Menu Choices

My husband and I need to snooze our two listings. Before we do that, I want to capture all the text we’ve written, photos and captions we’ve included, and menu choices we’ve made in each listing.

I want to do that in case we have any trouble unsnoozing our listings at a later date.

What is the best method for capturing all that info?

There may be a better way, but I would copy/paste each section and put them into any kind of document that you like - or even an email that you send to yourself.

For menu choices - screen captures work well - there are many great little apps for this - I like Gadwin Printscreen.

It doesn’t need to be high-tech. The whole thing will take 5-10 min.

Thanks, @Jefferson.

I ended up making archive files through Safari. They appear to contain everything.

And I delisted, rather than snoozing, our listings.

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Did I miss something? You’re giving up hosting? :crying_cat_face:

You can take a screen shots of each item with the computer and paste them onto Word documents. You can even take screen shots with your tablet.

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I’m afraid I have to take a break. I am at very high risk for Covid-19. So I am homebound until things are under control. We haven’t decided yet what to do with our upcoming reservations. We have a few, but not nearly as many as we had this time last year.

So I unlisted our two rooms today. Who knows for how long.

I’m sorry to hear this, but glad you’re taking good care of yourself. Stay healthy!


When i was buying and selling my home I just snoozed my listing and then took it off snooze when I was ready to start my new listing. @RebeccaF

By delisting doesn’t that mean if you want to start again you have lost all your reviews and ratings?

And what happens to your up and coming bookings - does that cancel them?

Take care! Sorry to hear it. A cold rampaged through our area for the last few weeks. Not fun. Fortunately, I did not give it to my elderly parents!

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From my research, there are three ways to stop hosting—temporarily or permanently. If I’m wrong about any of this, please let me know, and I’ll correct this post.

  1. Snooze. When you snooze your listing, it’s for a defined period of time, up to six months. At the end of that time, the listing reactivates automatically. All reviews and all other elements of your listing should be preserved. Reservations on your calendar will still be active while the listing is paused. No new reservations can be made for the paused time period. I’m not sure if they can be made past the end of the paused time.
  2. Unlist. You can unlist until you’re ready to reactivate. All reviews and all other elements of your listing should be preserved. Reservations on your calendar will still be active while the listing is unlisted. No new reservations can be made while it’s unlisted.
  3. Deactivate. This is permanent, as far as I know. This deletes your listing (and all reviews). You can deactivate a listing only when there are no reservations on your calendar. If a host wants to deactivate, all reservations must be complete, or they must first be canceled. If the host cancels them, there can be monetary penalties.