Capitol rioter loses access to Airbnb

It wasn’t clear if he was a guest or a host but Airbnb kicked Justin McAuliffe off the platform.


I’m not sure that I believe his story of remorse for what he willingly participated in. People that have professional licenses (he’s a CPA) should know better than to do something to risk thier license.
Although that crazy cult mentality probably sucked him in. JMHO


I think his sentence is too lenient! 60 days at home is nothing : (


Why would losing access to a short term rental listing site in any way be relevant to the leniency of his sentencing. Shocked these domestic terrorists in the US are getting such ridiculously light sentences .


The Jan 6 event was an insurrection. That’s treason. I don’t give a rat’s ass about remorse.


Remorse? These people have no remorse- when they profess it, it’s just crocodile tears to try to get a lesser sentence. It’s like people who get busted using the n word and then make excuses like they were just upset, and they aren’t racist and they just misspoke and are ever so sorry. People who aren’t racist don’t have derogatory racist words “just slip out”. Those words aren’t part of their vocabulary to start with.

Even if they do feel stupid for having participated in an insurrection, they are obviously so gullible to have believed the election was stolen, that they are dangerous because they are so malleable.

And don’t forget who these people voted for- they aren’t “good” people. Their basic belief system didn’t change because they got busted.


I bet half of them didn’t even vote.


It’s okay, the others voted twice.


Oh, that was a good one!


At least one of them got 44 months…
But as rule it seems, they are barely getting slapped on the wrist.
At least the facts are coming out and it seems JBiden is pulling up in the polls.
It can be difficult to accept forgery, subversion, treason and insurrection even if you try not to…


This guy realized as a convicted felon he’s going to lose more than TSA pre check in, & ability to book on LYFT, UBER & Airbnb. His CPA license is at risk. His professional income is fading fast.

He is paying a lifelong price for a series of bad decisions, not just one.

He chose to travel & assemble in a large group during a pandemic.
He chose to embrace the big lie.
He chose to enter a closed to the public federal building to disrupt a legal proceeding.
He chose to stay in the building during looting & violence.
He chose to post his escapades on social media.

That’s a lot of poor judgment from someone who wants people to trust him with financial advice & reporting.


Poor baby. No sympathy for traitors.


Who cares, why is this even news?

The GOOD part of this news item is that it shows value for being an airbnb guest…


A lot of us care. There are people trying to undermine our republic and it’s democratic features. That’s not going to be good for business. Also, the story is just good for a laugh because this whiny little wimp was trying desperately to say he suffered enough.

No one is making you read it. You aren’t even a host, why are you here, just to be annoying?


Funnily enough, I suggested to this member, on another topic where they were complaining about the content, that if they didn’t like it, they simply didn’t read it.

Bored fifteen year old maybe?



Why are you even on here ?

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And as a felon, he’s not allowed to own firearms, so he can no longer compensate for his tiny hands. :wink:

A bunch of the militia/Oath Keepers folks have been busted for Federal “felon in possession of firearm” charges after some demonstrations. BATF has been checking online sites and news footage to find pix of felons with weapons so they can bust them. Finally, they’re actually also enforcing the law when drug busts have weapons and the perp has a previous felony — the state does the drug prosecution, gets the state sentence, then turns the prisoner over to the Feds, who prosecute the Federal firearms charge, which almost always gets added to the state sentence unless it’s really long.

We had 4 Fed firearms cases in the Fed courthouse a few blocks away last week. 2 were drug related, one was a domestic abuse case, and one was an armed robbery. All of them get to spend 5 years in Federal prison when the state releases them. :slight_smile: The Assistant US Attorney who prosecutes here lives in the hood. When I asked, he confirmed that The Loser’s administration put a very low priority on prosecuting firearms violations, and that the Biden Justice Dept wants to prosecute firearms violations as much as possible.