Can't View the Guidebook I created


I’m new to the forum and new to hosting.
I created a guidebook but cannot see it when I view my listing from a clean browser.
I read that it is under “Location” but I don’t have “Location” on my listing and the guidebook isn’t under “Where You’ll Be” either.

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Thank you for your help.

Hi! Welcome to the forum.

So, The guidebook is not on the same page as a listing. It is on the host’s profile page so sounds like you’re just looking in the wrong spot. I just checked your profile and it is there:

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Your guidebook is there. I tell guests to click on the Host’s picture at the beginning of the listing.

Then, as the listing scrolls down to the next picture of the Host again, click on the Host’s picture.

Then, scroll a little down, and on the right: voilà!

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Had the same problem. When you create a Guidebook for the first time, you need to attach it to a listing. If you had multiple listings, the system doesn’t know which listing the Guidebook goes to otherwise.

Go to your Host Guidebook and at the top it there should be two boxes “Edit Title & Cover” and “Choose Listings.” Click Choose Listings and then check the box that appears next to your Listing Title. It should then show on the Listing Page under: Location – Where You’ll Be -
Show Host Guidebook

Host Guidebook

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@debsied On an unrelated note- I suggest you lower the guest count to 8. You are trying to cram too many people in and floor mattresses do not jive at all with the “luxury” advertising. Nor does a dining table with 5 chairs edge to edge along the sides- no one can sit and eat that close- 3-4 chairs on each long side would be what that size table is designed for. The living room also does not seat your current guest count of 11.

You have what guests consider a perfect party house, and overly high guest counts encourage parties. You don’t want your beautiful house trashed by partiers.


Forgot…Once you attach to your listing, it will appear under Location/Where You’ll Be, then click “Show More”. The you’ll see “Show Host Guidebook.”

Ohhhh - that was NOT obvious to me!!! Thank you so much!!

Thank you!!! Indeed it is quite well buried!!

Thank you. I only have the 1 listing and don’t get the option “Choose Listings” under “Edit Title & Cover”.

Thanks for giving this your attention @muddy. I’ll consider the points you raised.

Actually sorry, you are quite right. I attached it to the listing and now it also appears under “Where You’ll be”. Thank you so much!!!

You’re Welcome!