Can't see my own listing? Newbie question

Hey everyone,

Stupid newbie question… I may be doing something wrong, but I can’t seem to see my listing in AirBnb… I’ve done everything for the listing, but still waiting on AirBnb to validate my W-9 info. I’ve also not supplied financial info as to where to pay out…

So my question is, can I not see my own listings in a generic search? or am I not actually on the site because I’ve not finished supplying AirBnb with all the payout info?

Thanks all!

If you are still waiting for Airbnb to validate key information then your listing won’t be live and therefore will not come up in an organic search @Schick

It normally takes about 48 hours from when you set your listing to go live.

You can see your listing under your profile once it is live.


Why haven’t you submitted your payout info yet? That is part of what you need to do before submitting your listing. It can take awhile for Airbnb to validate your payout info- i.e. they usually send 1 cent to your payout method to make sure it works.

No real reason. we have it listed under my wife’s account as she has a history. I’m down as a co-host, so it didn’t show up for me as something needed for the listing. No to mention we were figuring out where to best keep track of the funds.

No as the cohost you don’t have access to sensitive information like financial data . @Schick

Have a look at the Airbnb Help website it has FAQs around many aspects of listing your STR business on Airbnb including co-hosting.

The thing is, as soon as your listing goes live, you could get a booking right away for the following day (depending on your advance notice settings). If you don’t have a payout method uploaded and approved, it can throw a wrench in the works of getting paid.

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