Can't login to my account in AirBnb for 5 whole days

Hi Guys, first time writing a post.

I lost contact to the AirBnb website 5 days ago. Can’t login, I get 500 error page from every place I try to reach it.
I can’t see my calendar. can’t reach my settings.

I called airbnb support numerous time, two days ago I got a call from my ‘case manager’ and she told me after the technical team ‘worked’ on my issue I should try to logout than login, seriously, that what she told me and after it didn’t work she said she will talked to the again and see what they say, and here I’m two days later after at least 4 calls to find out and no help with them.

Maybe someone here have an idea how to solve this error.

Many thanks, Shahar

No idea. We are a forum of hosts. We can’t really help with technical things. You might have been delisted for a violation. If that is the case Air won’t usually talk to you or explain anything after pulling your listing.

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They just referred me back to the ‘case manager’

Is the listing still on airbnb, if so, ask someone you trust to use your login from a different location.

Yes it is still on. I have 8 listings, it an hostel like apartment and I’m a super host already.

Because the Airbnb website works, try a different computer? It could be that your computer has picked up a Malware that is causing the access problem.

In this order, try a different browser, a different operating system, and a different internet service provider.


@faheem. Valid to try a different browser. Airbnb is optimized to work best with Chrome. Airbnb is sketchy and will not format correctly sometimes with Explorer.

had same problem so must be common and not resolved by airbnb to this day,
solved - can only sign in with my old original password do not sign in with google or facebook in my case, must be how you first signed in worked straight away which leaves the problem why did it happen that all of a sudden ?? cant sign in second time in one month ,get your act together airbnb you have unresolved bugs to fix .
Overall love airbnb

wont work on any other computer unless invited as a host to my understanding