Can't get through with an iPhone on airbnb host line

For months I have not been able to get through to Airbnb (on the superhost line) because they ask me to press a number to continue, but the system does not recognize any number being pushed. Therefore I am stopped in my tracks. I literally have not gotten through since this started happening. Has anyone else had this problem?

No. Have you tried using any other phone system that uses touchtone? Maybe it’s a phone setting?

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Thanks, no, we no longer have a land line. This is the only system I’ve had this problem on. I tried my husband’s phone and the same thing happened.

What number are you calling? I’m not sure the Superhost number is functional anymore.

You know you can message Airbnb-I don’t understand why you’d be trying to phone them for months.

what country are you calling from?

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I’m in The USA
I have an I phone
I just called Airbnb superhost help line and pressed 2. My phone was recognized & they sent me a confirmation access text.
My phone number is associated with my Airbnb account in my profile. I don’t know if that makes a difference but may be worth checking


Oh, it definitely has to be from the phone number associated with your account in order for the call to go through.

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Ok. @LGL
This may be your problem. Easy to fix in your profile.


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This is to do with your phone rather than Airbnb @LGL

This happened to me on my iphone and I had to get Apple to sort it out.


Your saved number for super host line needs a +1 in front of the number.

Thank you- valid point. It’s a good thing to have in case I travel. As long as I’m in US 48 the number as is works

From Apple Support


Hope it works!

I’ve noticed my latest iPhone update puts the +1 in front of the numbers automatically. I’ve gone and changed others when I’ve had issues. I used to travel overseas quite a bit and got a mobile travel plan, so I’m used to +(country code) in my contacts.

I had a different issue several months ago and sorted it out on my own. I am calling 888-326-5753.

Calling from the US.

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Thank you! I’ll definitely give this a try!

It isn’t a problem with getting through. I just can’t continue if there are any prompts (and that is the only way to talk to a human).

It is the phone number associated with my account and I’ve used it for four years with no problem. I do think it is something about their system not recognizing the sounds from my phone so I’ll see if an update helps. Thanks!

I believe it is something to do with the sound my phone is sending out. I’m doing everything right, as far ask I can tell. And the Superhost number has always worked fine for me before this. I’ll check with Apple. It doesn’t recognize my husband’s phone tone either and his number is associated with our account as well.

I get through just fine… just not recognizing the key tones.