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Can't change order photos appear in

I’m playing around with my photos and I’m trying to move a new one that I’ve added to a different position. It just keeps pinging back to last position. So annoying as order is important!
This hasn’t happened before, I usually drag it to the position I want, release, and it stays there.
Normally is says ‘saving’ when I click away from the photo, but it’s not doing that now.
Now it stays in position until I go to ‘view listing’ or anywhere else, then when I try and see it in it’s new spot it’s back to the bottom.
Glitch? Ideas?

Did you try on the app as well?

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You’re a legend! Thanks. Worked on the app, then when I went on the computer and refreshed the page it asked me to log in again, did and fixed!
Spent an hour of messing around, come here and in a few minutes it’s fixed.


I find the desktop a much more reliable experience. But word of advice when manipulating photos. There is a auto save feature, so do NOT leave more than one tab or window with your photos open at a time. Otherwise, one page can save over the other.

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