Cant Block Unsafe Guests

I received a request to stay from a guest recently. My account was set for Instant Book and the guest qualified but for some reason the guest asked to book. After reading the guests 1, 3star, review I decided not to approve. The review stated that the guest had thrown a party, made a mess, and the neighbors complained to the Host. This is definitely someone I would not want at my place.

I then tried to block this person from being able to book in the future but wasn’t able to find the feature anymore. I called support and they tried to walk me through what I had already tried. They were unaware this feature wasn’t available.

This is a safety issue for not only the host, but the hosts property. I will be switch off Instant Book until they figure this out.

I dont think u can block, I had a regular guest 1st time he damaged my blind I though it was an accident did not claim any money for repair, he book my apartments nearby every month for few days. Last time he comes again and another large blind completety come out, I sent him a request to paid as 2nd time cannot be an incident he just does not care. He said he will and never heard anything I contact ABB and ask them to block the guests not to be able to book my listing they said I cannot block him but I can call to cancel each time he book. And that was only last week. And worst part the guests used ABB since 2012, when he book for 1 but they are always more guests, but he is smart as he always hide, and work around the system, he always have good review because he do things but always management to leave back the place clean and tidy and taking out trash. Difficult to catch him, I know this because of my neighbours. Sorry my long post to ur Q

The ability to block guests used to be there. I know because I have done it in the past when guests have damaged my place. Airbnb better figure that if they don’t add that ability back again, some hosts wont switch off Instant Book. They will also lose hosts all together or they wont sign up to start when they hear about this. A host should have the right to block someone without contacting Airbnb. The property is not Airbnbs but they are acting like it is.


Yes it is true this option used to be available to host but been taken off so let cross fingers many hosts will complaint about it and they will put it back

I think the problem of ABB they like to keep control on everything and end up having CS service they have now as so many small issue hosts can deal with and are forced to call ABB because they dont have other option, same as adding an extra guests when guests arrive, instead of having option to change guests nbre on the spot, u need to call or go through a long process to be able to add extra fees.

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Get to Twi tter and let everyone know about it, please.

We are no longer able to block. That is why I no longer use instant booking.

I don’t understand how such a person can IB. I thought only people with 5 star reviews and recommended by other hosts can IB. So, check your requests for IB, perhaps you didn’t tick those boxes?
Then call CS and ask them to block that person. ALso if they were able to IB you and you are not comfortable with them you should be by definition of IB, able to cancel them with no repercussions.