Cant access photo library from messages

For occasional late-night self check-in, I have photos that show how to access key. I message these photos with instructions, which has always been simple. Suddenly the “choose from photo library” option does nothing. Only the “Take a photo” works.

SO, I had to get OFF the couch, walk 20 steps and take TWO photos - and now I need a nap :frowning: ! :wink:
Neither my own trouble-shooting nor contacting Air has helped.

Anyone else deal(ing) with this?

Cant about “can’t access photo library”

I don’t know about accessing the photo library but part of my photo updating is going to be get the photos to build my automated check in instructions. My neighbor uses it and her guests rarely have problems with check in.


I use this and drew arrows on the photos. :slight_smile:

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I was just told that the glitches that come and go - such as this one with accessing photos - are to be expected when not using a desktop. I never use a desktop. Am I the only one who didn’t know/do this? Seems unlikely that busy hosts aren’t using mobile devices to manage…

I don’t know but I think it might not be the case. I use the app about 90% of the time - it would be interesting to know about other hosts.

Do many hosts send photographs? I have always relied on written instructions for those guests who are arriving in the middle of the night. I’ve never had a problem with that (although it’s not often that I get middle of the night guests).

I use my laptop for Airbnb about 90% of the time. I use my phone only if we’re away from home and I need to respond to something.

Thanks @RebeccaF . I guess it’s very much a lifestyle thing. When I’m ‘at home’ I’m not usually in my apartment but I’m preparing one for guests and have my phone with me. Or I’m in the laundry room doing guest laundry or out shopping for supplies.

Sometimes, if I’m very lucky, I’m sitting out on the dock watching the boats go by. (About twice a year it seems, :rofl: )

I think the oddest place I’ve used the app on the phone was in the dentist’s chair - complete with dentist watching on. :rofl: