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Cannot Rearrange Photos

Suddenly, it appears we cannot rearrange our photos. I tried on Chrome & Firefox, & Android. Hopefully just a temporary glitch.

I just did mine yesterday – drag & drop to re-order. Using Chrome and Win10+

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Well, I’m not talking about yesterday, I’m talking about today, right this moment…

Still not working. Anyone else having this issue right now?

I can say that last time I did so it seemed easier than in the past - I didn’t feel like I had to ‘shove’ the photo, it just went easily. I thought they may have done a fix.

Either way - sorry - I can move my photos as before - I’m using firefox.

Thanks @dcmooney. That tells me it’s on my end.

I powered up another computer and it works on that one. For some reason, I’m suddenly unable to move around my listing photos via my primary PC. Weird… It’s never worked properly in the app on my Android phone.

Technology - designed to make our life easier and more efficient - while driving us slowly craaaaazy.

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