Cannot edit address

So I try to edit my listing’s address by manually typing the address but it showed me a grey area which I couldn’t type anything on it. And when I mouse over it says “Listings can’t move location. Create a new listing for a different address.”. I use to be able to edit the address until recently.

Here’s a photo how it looks like

I had this problem also, but months ago - I had to call Airbnb to get it straightened out.

I had this problem too and airbnb had to correct it.

I had this problem and have been able to edit my location on the Airbnb app for Android :slight_smile:

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I still can, maybe try Tablet app or mobile app like Barthelemy suggested.

Yes, the app works! Thanks guys!

Speaking of addresses, make sure your listing is attached to a neighborhood in their system (in major cities). You can simply view your listings as a guest would and scroll down to the map at the bottom. If it’s not in a neighborhood (or is the wrong neighborhood), shoot Airbnb an email to correct it. This will ensure that you show up when people search for that neighborhood. This mostly effects listings created before Airbnb started adding neighborhoods a couple years ago.

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I have the same problem of editing the address too… at last i found that android apps can help us to edit the address easily… the apps is not functioning on apple apps… so anyone wants to edit their address, can try to use android apps to change it. :smiley:

I have the same problem of editing the address on IOS and laptop. Android app did the trick. Now my listing shows the correct location on the map.