Cannabis tourism experience

I wonder how Airbnb would feel about offering a Cannabis experience (trips)? Pot is legal in DC and heck, I just retired 20 from the military. Why not? Seems like there would be lots of interest. I think I just might ponder this new idea. Air’s not offering experiences in my city yet. Anyone else offering pot tourism? - Joseph

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In Western Australia, wine tours are a big thing so I don’t see why cannabis tours couldn’t be a thing. Perhaps see if it’s offered in Amsterdam or other places.

Several hosts here live in pot legal states and have posted about their experience. You could use the search in the top right corner of this site to find older posts on the subject. One thing to consider is people smoking inside your rental.

In terms of airbnb experiences whatever you offer is supposed to be unique and you are supposed to be an “expert.” Your proposal for an experience has to be approved by airbnb.

I just read this as Cannibal tourism :frowning:


Now that’s an idea. Maybe he could offer tours of Capitol Hill where guests watch members of Congress eat each other alive.

Or at least the Dems!!

Dang it! I’m not an expert, but I aspire to be. - Joseph

Interesting …

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Nice…thanks for posting!

Interesting idea… I would definitely check with Airbnb and perhaps reach out the them directly to get some sort of written approval in writing from them.

Assuming it complies with policy, I think this would be a great niche offer. Since the beginning, people have been using Airbnb for the experience of connecting more with local culture offerings. In areas like DC where pot is legal, I imagine you could attract quite a bit of business

Damn! You hit it right on the money. I never really thought about it like that but you’re right. Thanks

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I read an article some time ago about cannabis tourism in Colorado. There are probably a lot of things on the web about it you could check out. I don’t see what Airbnb would have to say about something legal like that.

Thanks ChrisC! I hope their super cool about it. I really think I could supplement my Air income with pot tourism.