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Cancelling of a reservation!

My guest send me a request that he wants to cancel his reservation. i’ve read that if i accept it a bad review will be published and the dates will remain closed! What can i do?

@iokasti - that’s incorrect. A guest is unable to leave a review for a booking they cancelled. Whatever you do, if they ask you to cancel the booking, don’t. YOU will be penalised financially and otherwise…but THEY can cancel and be penalised according to your cancellation policy :slight_smile:

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Yes, tell them it is ok to cancel.
They should do it trough AirBnB, you are not going to cancel for them.

No consequencew to you if THEY cancel.

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yes but he send me a request through airbnb and either i have to accept the cancellation or to keep the reservation!
What kind of review?

Hmm…this doesn’t sound right. Is this a request for you to cancel the reservation? When a guest cancels, you do not get to ‘accept’ the cancellation, it just happens.

The ‘review’ is really a one liner about you cancelling on the guest, IF you were to do so. Its a nonsense line.

Have them call customer support to make the cancellation.

If a guest cancels, there is nothing for you to do. You will just receive a notification that the cancellation has already occurred.

Don’t let them trick you!

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If the guest actively cancels, you will get a message like this:


I’m assuming that you are messaging through the airbnb platform, correct? This is very important as airbnb cs will read the messages to be able to discern what’s really going on. You can call airbnb, too - make sure they know what your intention is.

Good luck!

Ι can’t find a telephone number for airbnb.com

They are pinned in a post at the top of this forum page. They have different numbers for different nations.

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