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Cancelling IB because uncomfortable: what does Airbnb communicate to the guest?


Does anyone know how Airbnb communicates with guests to inform them you are refusing them because you are uncomfortable?

Same thing if you block them?

Does anyone else worry about a refused guest coming back with somebody else’s profile or creating a new userid to book your place anyway?


I never cancel guests for being uncomfortable or any other reason, what happened did you google them and find out he was a serial killer?



My #1 reason for canceling on a guest is he/she is a serial killer.


“Effortless” -> They clean up after themselves beautifully; Not a fingerprint in the whole place!


Was thinking the same myself about refusing an IB, here’s the profile:



I have canceled but I don’t know what the message is. On blocking I’d assume they just think you aren’t hosting anymore. They’d have to log out of their account and search for your listing? FYI, I don’t think Airbnb gives you the option to block any longer. If you find a way to do it, please share.


He’s from South FLorida so he’s bound to be a nutcase :rofl:

He’ll be fine. Well, as fine as any of us from South Florida ever are…

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I believe all the user can dertermine is that it was cancelled. I believe this because when I played the “uncomfortable” card on an IB recently, the guest sent a message … still avoiding (for the third time) my pre-booking questions:

“Not sure why this was canceled?”

OH YEAHHHH? Well let me tell you, I am not sure why you think you can ignore every question I ask you answer when booking in the listing, then ignore them three more times in messaging back and forth and still expect a place to stay in my home.

I had to let the guest know why the reservation was “not accepted”. I avoid using the term “cancelled” in this message because it isn’t a confirmed booking until I say it is; I don’t care what the automated IB messages to the guest indicate.


I cancelled on a group because I found out they were teenagers and was also concerned that it was a third party booking. Kid sent me a message saying that Airbnb told him that I said he had stolen his father’s credit card to pay for reservation and that I didn’t want them staying because they were teens. At this point, teens already had my address and we were afraid that they would break our windows. I was livid with the Airbnb rep. So God only knows what reps tell guests.

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Yes I did request to block and it worked.
But I requested it on the phone with a very nice and helpful support agent.
When I went on the conversation again I saw the guest was blocked.
I suppose they just get a generic message saying “host has cancelled this reservation”
And probably you are right they will just not see my listing anymore if they are blocked.
I’m gonna try this with another host as a test and see what happens I’ll let you know

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Exactly the type of thing I was afraid of.

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Hope you’re right! In my case guest could not contact me to ask why because apparently the blocking worked, but she probably knows why. I would not want my customer support messages to be shared with them however I was on a bit of a rant! Embarrassing.


The lesson in here is don’t expect confidentiality in the communications with Air. Just stick, matter-of-factly, with “just the facts”.

In my case i replied to the guest in a factual summation of our interactions and that this failure on the guest’s part to meet the booking requirements resulted in the outcome.

It was a sterile recitation like you would read in a court pleading. On x the petitoner prayed for this relief. The respondent stated X. The court took the matter under advisement and it was ordered that you are denied lodging with this establishment. Respectfully , Go Away.


What?! Did you escalate that to a manager? I would have had a fit!

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I agree in principle. And when I consider that on the rare occasions when I’ve called Airbnb to try to get information they won’t tell me anything. Like try to get another phone number of a person with a reservation and you can forget it. Airbnb will “reach out” on your behalf.

However, I’m not afraid of my guests as so many hosts seem to be and I could care less if Airbnb tells them. Hell, I’ll tell them to their face. Like LoneStar does, just give them the facts.

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Yes. Therefore, I was not penalized for the cancellation. I’m assuming the rep was someone new. In addition, I messaged the kid back telling him I never said it was a stolen card. It’s been several weeks and so far no broken windows.

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This is why, whenever I have an altercation, I want to block the person.
I don’t want to have to justify or explain myself, just cut it off , stop.


You are absolutely right. It’s sometimes hard though to stay objective neutral and non-emotional.

Need to have some strategy such as cool-off period for a night but Airbnb puts so much pressure to respond and resolve quickly!


Don’t feel pressured by them. It is natural to feel bad when things don’t go well. It is better to delay response than to regret it, always.


Also I did wait 1 hour to tell the guest why she was not accepted. That was how long I needed to make sure all the “look here, bi…” was out of me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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