Cancelling a booking because two coming not one guest

Can you please clear this up for me ASAP? I had a guest book for a weekend, and, as I’ve had several times, she booked for one person, not two as she indicated that she and her husband were coming, but, paying for one. I sent her a request for money, but she declined. I don’t want to lose my Superhost status, and, her booking is showing up on my calendar. If I cancel her booking, will I lose my Superhost status? Cheers, Lynda Hill

Call Airbnb
Explain situation and ask them to view the conversation and the request.
Use one of your three cancellations

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Don’t worry about your superhost status.
Ring Airbnb and tell them what happened. You won’t be punished because a guest doesn’t want to pay for her husband but you need to explain this.

As a superhost you can cancel without penalty if the guests breaks your rules or if you’re uncomfortable with the guests. You could simply do this yourself if you pick the reservation on the platform and choose cancel and choose the reason and give an explanation in case Airbnb wants to investigate further.

  • As you’ve had this several times, put your prices up to whatever the price is for two people and put your max occupancy up to two

  • Stop worrying about the SH thing - it’s an artificial accolade created by Airbnb to ‘control’ hosts, so rise above it. Most guests don’t care anyway

Check the forum here and you’ll see that so many of the problems people post about are a) extra guests who don’t pay and b) SH status. If you do the above, you’ve no need to spend your valuable time worrying about either or spending ages on hold with Airbnb.


Yeah, I got tired of folks bitching about the 2 people when they booked for 1 so I have a 2 person price. For my third bed (in a separate room) it’s an extra fee. The bed doesn’t get made up unless they let me know.

Sometimes it’s just easier to modify our rules to make them work with less hassle than get folks to roll our rules (even when we re right).

I now think long and hard about guests and their infractions and whether I can live with them until they leave. I do however, leave an honest review but they don’t realize it’s coming because I bit my tongue when they were staying.


I agree completely with @jaquo. Seems silly to charge per person when you can charge for the max occupancy (2) and save a bit on expendables if only one arrives.

Marriott doesn’t charge less because you travel alone – and as much as we are not an hotel, this is one thing we should be doing the way they do.


Another problem here is that it might make the host appear to be deceptive. For example, if I see a gorgeous apartment in a fabulous location that sleeps two people for $99 per night I think ‘terrific - so affordable - a bargain’ and then I see that to add my other half needs the extra guest fee which is $75. Suddenly that $100 apartment is $175 (plus cleaning fee, plus Airbnb fee, plus any taxes that might be added) doesn’t seem like good value at all. So (and this is a question not a judgement) doesn’t that mean that the $100 shown on the listing for a place that accommodates two people rather deceptive? I suspect that some guests might think so.

And yes, I know, the ‘competition’ does it. Well. the hosting part of my brain is too busy making sure that my guests have a great time and working out how to do two same day turnovers on the same day to worry about hosts down the street and how they are nickel-and-diming their guests.

I was wondering about that too, except I don’t charge for two people, but some guest book as one. Or, the guest doesn’t want to pay for their 3rd guest, which is an extra charge. How important is it to make them update it for two guests instead of one before entering the property? Is it because of liability in case they fall and Airbnb doesn’t know about it or has to know about it? I say call the guest and tell them they can’t enter until they update the number of guests, or have Airbnb do it. I have a feeling these are cheaters and don’t want anyone to know what they are doing and don’t want it to show up on the billing statement as two guests.

That would be grounds for immediate cancellation by me. I had a repeat guest with a dog and I sent request for pet fee and she questioned it. Immediate cancel.

The advice about raising the price and not having a second person fee has some merit. But when someone doesn’t read my listing and then has the temerity to refuse to pay my fully disclosed rates, buh-bye. There’s another guest who is ready to take her dates I’m sure.

As @RiverRock would say…Next!


I would have to agree, as long as it is early enough they cannot review you… Not everyone has the 5* cushion you do!



I agree with eveyone here about the 2 person price. I have a question for the group based on this post…how important is it to insist a guest updates to 2 guests of the price is the same? And why?

Insurance needs accurate guest count as does Airbnb’s cover. They absolutely wont cover damage by a guest they dont know exists.

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