Cancellation with a Refund

Cancellation with refund. This may have already been asked and answered by someone (apologies if so), but how do you set a cancellation policy that is more customized, for example, for SXSW weekend, have “Free cancellation before February 7”? All I see along those lines are:

  • Flexible to Moderate settings
  • Firm and Firm
  • non-refundable
  • Strict and Strict
  • non-refundable
    None of these categories appear to set an expiration date for refundable cancellation.

??? All the cancellation policies have an expiration date for refunds, which is clearly stated in the cancellation policy descriptions. For instance, I use moderate, which lets guests cancel up to 5 days before check-in for a full refund. The actual dates are shown to guests on their booking confirmation, like “Cancel before Dec. 29th for a full refund”.

You can’t create a custom policy, you have to use one of the options Airbnb offers, nor can you use different cancellation policies for different dates.

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Thank you and yes, that is what I thought, I guess the listings with cancellation of " Free cancellation before February 7" are using a 90 day cancellation window, just not sure what that is.

There is no such cancellation policy as “90 days”. And the number of days before check-in that a guest can cancel by for a full refund would depend on the date that the guest booked and what dates they booked for. So a blanket “Free cancellation before Feb.7th” makes no sense at all.
Where are you seeing this?

For SXSW I would set it at no refund past the 48 hour window Airbnb provides. You can always refund on a case by case basis if you feel like it but you can’t set it and then later regret it. Besides, Airbnb will pressure you to refund regardless of your policy if the guest starts pressuring them.

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