Cancellation Request

What are some creative ways that you say no to guests who want to cancel.
The excuses are always “I’m not feeling well” or "I can’t get the time off work."
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I am confused by your question… you mean you have hosts that want to cancel you as a guest? And you want to say “no” to them?

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I’m sorry. How you (or me) as a host can politely tell guests no when they cancel but would like a refund or alteration for another night. A handful of times I’ve had guests ask for an alteration for a future date and then cancel that date when they are now far enough away from the strict or moderate policy date to not be penalized. Currently I have had several cancellations due to the snow storm.

It only happened once but I replied that they booked with a strict cancellation policy and are not entitled for a refund. I don’t see why you would need to make it more complicated than it is, you don’t need to pamper guests who cancel.


Why do you have to say no to a cancellation? Of course they can cancel (within the terms of your cancellation policy). I normally say to a guest that they should feel free to cancel their bookings through BNB and if I receive a replacement booking for some or all of the time, I can look at a partial refund.

However if they can’t reach you because of a snow storm BNB would probably see this as extenuating circumstances?

If they want to alter the booking to a much shorter one just say no. You don’t need to provide an explanation.

Because for example, I have a guest who was too sick to travel this weekend and asked for a refund or alteration. I said no and now she’s feeling much better and coming. So she’ll leave a review.

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I am curious as to what kind of review she will leave you! I wonder if she was ill or if she found a cheaper accommodation and wanted to cancel with you. You put your foot down as I and many other hosts do, she should not leave a negative review based on the fact that your were not willing to cancel her stay. However, as you know, Air almost always sides with guests, it is their right to freedom of speech. . .

She ended up cancelling in the 12th hour. I’ve been doing this for about 2 years now I’ve hosted over 300 groups. I’ve never felt bad being after being firm with someone. I need to keep reminding myself that.