Cancellation reguest

Hi. yesterday a guest booked a room for tonight. I have a 5 day refund policy. Today she wants to cancel her reservation and wants to do so without a fee. I said I would repay her 60%. She doesn´t answer og doesn’t cancel the reservation either. I frankly don’t want them to come now just to get a bad review. If I cancel the reservation I get a minus. Any suggestions?

If she wants to cancel, she must do it. And then you can choose to send her back some of the money. Do not cancel for her.


To clarify, she asked if she could cancel less than half an hour before check in. She still hasn’t cancelled and it is after check in so the day is lost to me. We have instant booking set.

Hello @We2

Have a look at the information on Airbnb Help Centre around cancellations. As hopefully you know, you should never cancel on behalf of a guest.

Message back your guest on Airbnb and confirm that if they want to cancel the booking they must do so and any refund will be in line with the cancellation policy they booked under.

A guest can leave you a bad review regardless of how great a host you are. You shouldn’t feel held to ransom of a bad review in terms of feeling you have to refund your guest more than they are entitled to by your cancellation policy.


So far as I’ve experienced, if someone simply doesn’t turn up or cancel themselves, you will get paid in any event. I had someone message at check-in time, from France, saying his friend had left his passport behind in Germany. He didn’t cancel and I got paid the full amount. So the day wasn’t completely lost.