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Cancellation Policies

Hi All

Is it possible to have two different types of cancellation policy in place. I usually have flexible because most of my bookings are made close to the date. However, I have received on for five months away and plans can frequently change. For bookings made several months in advance I would prefer strict policy. Is this possible an if so how do I do it?



That would be a great option, but it doesn’t appear to exist. We are of a similar mind on this. If someone books a week out and cancels a few days later, that’s one thing. On the other hand, if they book 6 months in advance and at the very last minute decide to cancel, that is a lot of missed opportunity.

Why not go strict at all times?

Agree. Just go to a strict cancellation policy. You can always make exceptions and give guests a break when the situation calls for it. I am lucky that I have never had a guest cancel, so I suppose it’s easy for me to say!

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Do you think whether or not someone books with you or someone else could be influenced by whether you have a strict or moderate or flexible cancellation policy.

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Possibly but I have never seen it slow down business for me. I also think, like having a deposit and cleaning fee, just showing the guest you are strict forces them to respect you. (in theory!)

Maybe they could experiment with different rates for different levels of refundable and changeable reservations.

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