Cancellation Flexibility

Surely we’ve all noticed the pressure from Airbnb to have a Flexible cancellation policy. There is even a handy toggle (“Cancellation Flexibility”) for guests to only see listings with such.

However, in putting up our studio today, I noticed that listings (including my own) with Moderate cancellation policies also show up with that search. So, as long as it’s not Strict, it will show up under Cancellation Flexibility. Maybe everyone else knew this but I had thought that a Flexible policy was necessary for it and was glad to see that I was wrong.

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Good to know. I’ve always had a moderate policy. Nor has it ever been a problem for me. I’ve had a total of 3 cancellations in 3 years. Two were made at least a month before check-in, so it was easy to rebook, one was made 3 days before and I got my 50%. For some reason, hosts with strict policies seem to think those with moderate or flexible policies get guests cancelling bookings with great frequency. I think it very much depends on your market.

I noticed that too. I have flexible and always have - apart from during my first few Airbnb weeks when I was still learning the system. And yes, it depends on the market. I’ve only had a handful of cancellations over the years and as they’ve been well into the future, I could fill them. Others might not be so lucky.

Good to know though!