Canceled airbnb a/c not working

i booked an apt on airbnb got to the apt and the a/c unit was not working its was 80 degrees in the apt. i was having a dinner party and there was no way my guest would be able to deal with that heat. i asked the host to cancel my reservation but was told that she could not do it on her end and that i would need to do it. So i did what she asked me do to and now airbnb does not want to refund the full amount which is $313 there offering me 100 which i don’t think is fair when i wasn’t even in the unit for more then 2 hrs. Any help i would appreciate.

First, this is a host forum, not a guest forum. :wink:

Second, was a/c listed as an amenity on the listing? If so, I would talk to AirBnB again and let them know the amenities didn’t match the listing.

Third, how many guests did you book for? I hope you didn’t just book for yourself with the intention of inviting a bunch of guests over to someone else’s home for free.

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Yes it is list under amenities and i was inviting my mom and dad over for dinner.

This is a forum for hosts not monitored by Airbnb so we cannot help you here.

What did Airbnb say when you contacted them about this situation?

They are the only ones who can help you with this.

yes i understand that just wanted to know peoples opinion on this

My opinion is that you should have done what Airbnb says on your booking confirmation and contacted them about this within 24 hours of arrival if the listing wasn’t as described.

Our opinion doesn’t matter. You need to call Airbnb they will be able to see via Airbnb messaging correspondence between host and guest.

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Did you contact the host immediately and give them an opportunity to resolve the a/c issue? Or did you just leave and expect your money back?

If you read the OPs original post @jkamm It says they contacted the host.

What’s important here is that the OP contacts Airbnb so they can see the conversation on Airbnb messaging.

It doesn’t say when, though. He could have contacted the host the next day when asking for a refund. There really isn’t much detail about the communications with the host in the OP.

It doesn’t really matter @jkamm - this is a guest asking on a host forum.

Far better for him to call Airbnb who can ask him these questions and make an assessment.

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Go away @Steven_Rodriguez. You’re a Guest not a Host. YOU seem to have violated the Host’s rules by inviting ANYONE to come over for a dinner you cook in someone else’s house.